Let’s celebrate together the 10th Anniversary of MD Paper Products!

Exactly 10 years ago, the first MD Paper Notebook was lauched!

For us, such an anniversary is a perfect occassion for celebrating together.

We deciced to visit unique shops and workshops in Poland, which are in love with MD Paper, as much as we are.

Because, no anniversary party couldn’t do without a present, thus we have prepared some surprise for you – on each MD Paper Notebook we are going to emboss in gold or silver your initials or anything what your immagination will tell you, and our machine font will take 😉

Moreover, each of our guests will have the opportunity to place an original 10th Anniversary MD Paper stamp!

Where are we going to meet?

26th May, 2018 – PAPIERNICZENI
Kraków, ul. Limanowskiego 18

16-17th June, 2018 – PAPIEROWE ATELIER
Chrzanów, ul. Gancarska 20/6

8-9th September, 2018 – BOOKIESTRA
Katowice, NOSPR Plac Wojciecha Kilara 1

6-7 th October, 2018 – WARIACKIE PAPIERY
Warszawa, Galeria Mokotów 1p, ul. Wołoska 1

17th November, 2018 – DZIEŃ PIÓRA WIECZNEGO
Warszawa, Muzeum Etnograficzne, ul. Kredytowa 1

Poznań, ul. Głogowska 105

See you there! 🙂


10th Anniversary of MD Notebook!

It’s 10 years passed since the first MD notebook was introduced.

Such an anniversary needs special setting and from this occasion Midori designed limited collection of notebooks and accessories.

In the collection we can find ten notebooks in unique layouts such as dots, lines and grid with wide margin, and graph paper.

Of course, each notebook was designed to perform a specific function, but despite from that the Midori gives us freedom in which the limit is our imagination.

Special notebooks need special accessories, thus in new limited collection we can find also Cordoba Paper Covers in two unique shades of brown.

Another novelty are colour pencils, with soft graphite as in colouring pencils, which can be easily removed with eraser.

To see all 10th Limited Edition Products click here.

February comes to end, but it is not the end of surprises.
Soon you will get to know about new items, which were made in Traveler’s Factory.


2018 Diaries Review – MD Diary

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And, indeed, this is so, because minimalism gives us space to experience all that comes to us every day, this is a recipe for a beautiful life.

If you are also a fan of minimalism – MD calendars will surely be your favorite!

Calendars are based on well-known MD notebooks. It combines everything, the same classic design, the highest quality paper and format. MD calendars can be divided into two groups – those on a monthly basis and those on a daily basis.

Calendars in a monthly layout is really a 2 in 1 calendar because it combines planner and notepad. In terms of format choice is really wide, we can choose between A4, A5, A6 and Slim. Inside on the first two pages we can find the annual calendar for 2017 and 2018, the next 26 pages occupy a monthly calendar. Up to 26 pages, because one month is printed on two pages, from December 2017 to January 2019. The other 167 pages are notepad in line (135 pages) and blank(32 pages). The calendar, like the notebooks, is sewn, framed in a creamy cover made of thin cardboard, and the back is reinforced with a muslin mesh to which is attached an orange satin bookmark. The enormous advantage is that calendars in any format spread out flat anywhere, so that the comfort of writing is even greater. It is also important that, despite so many pages, the calendar does not really take up much space. It is exceptionally handy and can easily fit in the most stuffed bag or backpack.

However, the daily calendar, it’s a bit bigger. It has 415 pages and just like in the previous calendar, we find here an annual and monthly calendar. 385 pages is a daily calendar in which one page corresponds to one day. We will not find the date printed, we need to type it by hand, which has its advantages. Sometimes it happens that when we are on vacation or during holidays we do not record as much as the rest of the days. An interesting solution is to divide the pages in half, where one part is in line and has printed hours from 8 to 24, while the other is blank. This solution gives us total freedom to organize our place and in no way limits our creativity. Because the calendar is much thicker, it requires a solid cover – made of PVC material, which makes it also spread flat and additionally protects it from unexpected accidents at work (we all poured coffee on a calendar ever). Two satin orange and red bookmarks will help us control our notes.

If your traditional notepad calendars are not enough for you, because you work a lot at your desk and like to check your schedule with a quick glance, a monthly MD calendar on desk will be perfect for you! It has a wide margin for taking notes and an additional four smooth pages. Midori leaves us free to use. With red strings we can put a calendar on your desk, or keep it flat.

But most importantly, all MD calendars are made from the finest quality paper. It is perfect for writing with a fountain pen, does not bleed or feather. It has an eye-catchy creamy color and gray lines. As you probably already know, the color of the paper and the line or the grid is of great importance to our eyes. With Midori’s color scheme, the eye does not tire so fast, so it’s faster for information. The manufacturing of MD paper itself is extremely interesting. It’s a real craft. You can find more information about it here.

In short, MD calendars are:

  • Best quality MD paper
  • Wide choice of formats
  • Satin bookmark
  • Timeless, minimalist design
  • Comfort of use

All MD products prove that beauty is in simplicity. However, the biggest advantage is that we have an absolute freedom. We can customize the calendar to our needs, to create this one, our unique, because we’ve got a great base. There is also a practical aspect, calendars MD are definitely one of the most clear and legible calendars. There is no unnecessary ‘supplement’ that only occupy valuable space.

MD calendar on a monthly basis can be found by clicking here and here, but on a daily basis here.

2018 Diaries Review – Midori Pouch Diary

September and October is an exceptional period for us. When the wheater becomes bad, everyone dreams about a cup of aromatic tea and a warm blanket. For us it is a period of great excitement and joy! All thanks to novelties that we get. With a great commitment we are getting ready for another year. And all through the beautiful calendars that are in our hands.

Which one we like the most? There is no single answer. We all, therefore, do not limit ourselves to one. They are among us those who have two, three or even four calendars … and they use them all.

We know how hard it is to decide on this one, the only one that will keep pace with us throughout the coming year. Because of that we decided to do a series of posts, with the review of the calendars for the 2018. Each of the calendars you will find in our offer.

The first one goes calendar Pouch Diary from Midori. This is really multifunctional calendar, perfect for gadget lovers. You can find it in two sizes: A5 and Slim. The characteristic feature of this calendar is the cover made of linen or jeans, fastened with leather strap with metal latch. The cover has two pockets one with zipper lclosure and the other just in perfect for your phone or tablet. Calendar in A5 size has 35 pages made of the highest quality MD paper. Inside we find the calendar with a monthly schedule, and the notebook. While the Slim calendar has 192 pages of the same paper, with the annual, monthly, weekly schedule and space for notes. Pouch Diary has enough space to carry out a precise calendar and notebook all in one. In this respect, it meets the expectations of the repair of demanding users.

However, the biggest advantage is the ability to exchange the refill. It’s a big comfort, when you love your calendar to the point that we will not be able to live without it, and even another, next year do not stand in the way. From experience we know that also cover manage well the laundry in the washing machine (one owner so much liked Pouch Diary, that when she accidentally poured it wih yogurt in her purse, she decided to go in this way to save), and works well with calendars and notebooks different brand, for example. CIAK.

Another advantege is the wide choice of colour of the cover. In addition to those present in the regular offer of Midori, whether red, blue and dark blue, every year the brand surprises us with new colours. This year is the olive green, blue and pink check pattern.

To sum up, the biggest advantages of Midori Pouch Diary are:

  • two sizes: A5 and Slim
  • 192 pages of the highest quality MD Paper
  • linen cover with two pockets
  • precision of detail: metal zip and leather strip closure
  • replacable refills
  • wide choice of colours
  • durability

I think that the Pouch Diary finds a perfect in the daily writing, and becomes an indispensable organizer that will help you organize your receipts and tickets, or other important information.

If you want to find Midori Pouch Diary A5 click here, or here to find Midori Pouch Diary Slim.


Few words about MD Paper

Is the quality of the paper importanat?

After all, in the age of technology, more and more often we are forced to type on a computer keyboard than by hand. However, we are those who love and appreciate the hand writing. That is why the paper is important to us and we try to choose the real gems out of all the possibilities available on the market. And this is how we got on Japanese MD paper…

MD Paper is one of the most appreciated papers in the world. It is durable, it does not fray or unravel pierces so that works great with a fountain pen.

Since 1960 MD paper is produced in the traditional way. In this process everything matters. Those are the machines and processes, as well as the eyes, hands, and thoughts of the people who create ‘MD Paper’.

Each piece of paper is being tested, starting from the estimate the thickness, until after the determination of the weight and color. The most time consuming step is examining the properties of the paper while writing. For this many of the tools are used and steps are repeated many times. This test is done to check for quality, including ink smearing, drying speed and to ensure there is no bleed-through. It is also done to confirm the writing feel of how the pen glides or catches in the paper, and to inspect texture, including touch and feel. If the paper will pass all tests successfully, then receives the name MD Paper.

How MD Paper works with different writing instruments is shown here.

What sets notebooks is the cover, and in fact its absence. The standard cover does not affect the well on the quality of the writing, that makes the notebook does not open flat and pages become looser.

That’s why notebooks MD instead of cover have mesh from cheesecloth, which strengthens the spine and provides comfort while writing.

Size range of notebooks is really wide. You can choose between A4, A5, A6, slim and all sorts of formats, from pads, by classic notebooks until after the reporter’s notebooks.

It is worth sometimes to switch, shut down the computer, pull out the paper, pen or pencil, and hone the comfort of writing.

For us, the biggest difference between writing digital and analogue, is our commitment. When we write manually, we carefully select words, because even those deleted, leave their mark on the paper.

And what for you is writing?

Pulp Storage – products (not only) for environmentalists

We now how very valuable paper is.

Paper is not only the material that is used to write on. Every day we use paper bags and boxes. But the biggest flaw is the fact that they, unfortunately, are not very durable.

They torn quickly, or just get wet in the rain and their short life ends.

Even in the age of computers, still we waste too much paper. We are really scared by this fact and it hurts our hearts because of this. We think not only us.

Midori is a Japanese brand, known for the best quality paper in the world, appreciated not only by fans of writing, but also by each user. It has gone a step further, creating objects made of paper with everyday minimalist design.

Pulp Storage Collection are products made from 100% paper pulp , which is specially processed and water-resistant.

The entire collection is divided into three series: Pulp, Pasco and Paper Cord.

In a series of Pulp we can find cupboards and boxes closed on the rubber band available in three colors. Interestingly, these colors represent types of paper, from which they were made. The gray color is made from the recycling of old newspapers, white form milk cartons, while the beige one from boxes and cartons .

Pasco is a series dedicated to all who appreciate minimalism, simplicity and convenience. The hallmark of Pasco is a double clasp on the plastic clips. If you are looking for durable, eco pencil cases, briefcases, cases, business card holders then Pasco is just for you!

In 2017 years Midori has designed a new series for Pulp Storage – Paper Cord.
Paper cord in appearance can resemble a bag of jute or raffia. Braided in the traditional way has become an ideal material for pen cases and cases. The great advantage of these products is a metal zipper in gold, which adds to the elegance. Because who said that items created from recycled must be gray and without character?

Midori is an example that it is possible to make something beautiful and useful of recycled materials. You just have to have an idea.