Drehgriffel – a pen with a century old history

Leuchtturm Drehgriffel is the pen which was restored to the market in 2020 after a hundred years of absence. Popular in the 1920s this writing instrument was straightaway given the prize in prestigious contest of Red Dot Design Award 2020.

Drehgriffel is made from brass and milled aluminium and its body is covered with paint in nine colors matching the colors of Leuchtturm notebooks. Double-barreled name where Dreh means twist and Griffel means graphite comes from the old German language handwriting script by Ludwig Suetterlin which was used naturally in the 20s of XX century.

Besides, the name itself is not a coincidence, because of the turning mechanism which twists the refill outside or inside the body which was completely new at that time.

Leutchtturm equipped Drehgriffel with a versatile refill in orignal royal blue color which may be easily replaced by the black one or the different one.

Although small, Drehgriffel has a fair weigh of 12 g which has no impact on writing comfort even for a longer time. The pen is not afraid of falling down nor having adventures inside a bag or a backpack.

And what has really captivated us in Drehgriffel? Not only the fact that writing three A4 pages in a row is a piece of cake or that it wasn’t harmed in a contact with cobblestone in Kazimierz Dolny but also the reactions of the others – ‘do you own a pen from the bygone age?’ ‘Well, yes, a kind of!’

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