2018 Diaries Review – Midori Pouch Diary

September and October is an exceptional period for us. When the wheater becomes bad, everyone dreams about a cup of aromatic tea and a warm blanket. For us it is a period of great excitement and joy! All thanks to novelties that we get. With a great commitment we are getting ready for another year. And all through the beautiful calendars that are in our hands.

Which one we like the most? There is no single answer. We all, therefore, do not limit ourselves to one. They are among us those who have two, three or even four calendars … and they use them all.

We know how hard it is to decide on this one, the only one that will keep pace with us throughout the coming year. Because of that we decided to do a series of posts, with the review of the calendars for the 2018. Each of the calendars you will find in our offer.

The first one goes calendar Pouch Diary from Midori. This is really multifunctional calendar, perfect for gadget lovers. You can find it in two sizes: A5 and Slim. The characteristic feature of this calendar is the cover made of linen or jeans, fastened with leather strap with metal latch. The cover has two pockets one with zipper lclosure and the other just in perfect for your phone or tablet. Calendar in A5 size has 35 pages made of the highest quality MD paper. Inside we find the calendar with a monthly schedule, and the notebook. While the Slim calendar has 192 pages of the same paper, with the annual, monthly, weekly schedule and space for notes. Pouch Diary has enough space to carry out a precise calendar and notebook all in one. In this respect, it meets the expectations of the repair of demanding users.

However, the biggest advantage is the ability to exchange the refill. It’s a big comfort, when you love your calendar to the point that we will not be able to live without it, and even another, next year do not stand in the way. From experience we know that also cover manage well the laundry in the washing machine (one owner so much liked Pouch Diary, that when she accidentally poured it wih yogurt in her purse, she decided to go in this way to save), and works well with calendars and notebooks different brand, for example. CIAK.

Another advantege is the wide choice of colour of the cover. In addition to those present in the regular offer of Midori, whether red, blue and dark blue, every year the brand surprises us with new colours. This year is the olive green, blue and pink check pattern.

To sum up, the biggest advantages of Midori Pouch Diary are:

  • two sizes: A5 and Slim
  • 192 pages of the highest quality MD Paper
  • linen cover with two pockets
  • precision of detail: metal zip and leather strip closure
  • replacable refills
  • wide choice of colours
  • durability

I think that the Pouch Diary finds a perfect in the daily writing, and becomes an indispensable organizer that will help you organize your receipts and tickets, or other important information.

If you want to find Midori Pouch Diary A5 click here, or here to find Midori Pouch Diary Slim.


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