Month: June 2017


Blackwing 73 – Create and Conserve

“Baskets, maps, literature, paintings, photographs, technology, architecture, environmental science…human beings have been entering this region, responding to its grandeur, recording what they saw, establishing human settlements, and struggling to express a subliminal power of place”                                                                              – Historian Kevin Starr in Tahoe: A Visual History You cannot fully understand a place or the people living in it without understanding the paintings, writings and songs created on its soil. Our local natural wonder of Lake TahoeCzytaj dalej


Dream in Japanese culture

The Japanese always attach great importance to the symbols. Dream is based largely on symbols, which from ages are interpreted in different ways. In Japan dream is considered the basis of faith, in which it functions as a tool of the ritual of the sacrum. Dreams affect not only the people but also the gods. During sleep the soul leaves the body and moves on a journey beyond the barrier of the underworld. such dreamCzytaj dalej