Few words about MD Paper

Is the quality of the paper importanat?

After all, in the age of technology, more and more often we are forced to type on a computer keyboard than by hand. However, we are those who love and appreciate the hand writing. That is why the paper is important to us and we try to choose the real gems out of all the possibilities available on the market. And this is how we got on Japanese MD paper…

MD Paper is one of the most appreciated papers in the world. It is durable, it does not fray or unravel pierces so that works great with a fountain pen.

Since 1960 MD paper is produced in the traditional way. In this process everything matters. Those are the machines and processes, as well as the eyes, hands, and thoughts of the people who create ‘MD Paper’.

Each piece of paper is being tested, starting from the estimate the thickness, until after the determination of the weight and color. The most time consuming step is examining the properties of the paper while writing. For this many of the tools are used and steps are repeated many times. This test is done to check for quality, including ink smearing, drying speed and to ensure there is no bleed-through. It is also done to confirm the writing feel of how the pen glides or catches in the paper, and to inspect texture, including touch and feel. If the paper will pass all tests successfully, then receives the name MD Paper.

How MD Paper works with different writing instruments is shown here.

What sets notebooks is the cover, and in fact its absence. The standard cover does not affect the well on the quality of the writing, that makes the notebook does not open flat and pages become looser.

That’s why notebooks MD instead of cover have mesh from cheesecloth, which strengthens the spine and provides comfort while writing.

Size range of notebooks is really wide. You can choose between A4, A5, A6, slim and all sorts of formats, from pads, by classic notebooks until after the reporter’s notebooks.

It is worth sometimes to switch, shut down the computer, pull out the paper, pen or pencil, and hone the comfort of writing.

For us, the biggest difference between writing digital and analogue, is our commitment. When we write manually, we carefully select words, because even those deleted, leave their mark on the paper.

And what for you is writing?

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