10th Anniversary of MD Notebook!

It’s 10 years passed since the first MD notebook was introduced.

Such an anniversary needs special setting and from this occasion Midori designed limited collection of notebooks and accessories.

In the collection we can find ten notebooks in unique layouts such as dots, lines and grid with wide margin, and graph paper.

Of course, each notebook was designed to perform a specific function, but despite from that the Midori gives us freedom in which the limit is our imagination.

Special notebooks need special accessories, thus in new limited collection we can find also Cordoba Paper Covers in two unique shades of brown.

Another novelty are colour pencils, with soft graphite as in colouring pencils, which can be easily removed with eraser.

To see all 10th Limited Edition Products click here.

February comes to end, but it is not the end of surprises.
Soon you will get to know about new items, which were made in Traveler’s Factory.


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