Pulp Storage – products (not only) for environmentalists

We now how very valuable paper is.

Paper is not only the material that is used to write on. Every day we use paper bags and boxes. But the biggest flaw is the fact that they, unfortunately, are not very durable.

They torn quickly, or just get wet in the rain and their short life ends.

Even in the age of computers, still we waste too much paper. We are really scared by this fact and it hurts our hearts because of this. We think not only us.

Midori is a Japanese brand, known for the best quality paper in the world, appreciated not only by fans of writing, but also by each user. It has gone a step further, creating objects made of paper with everyday minimalist design.

Pulp Storage Collection are products made from 100% paper pulp , which is specially processed and water-resistant.

The entire collection is divided into three series: Pulp, Pasco and Paper Cord.

In a series of Pulp we can find cupboards and boxes closed on the rubber band available in three colors. Interestingly, these colors represent types of paper, from which they were made. The gray color is made from the recycling of old newspapers, white form milk cartons, while the beige one from boxes and cartons .

Pasco is a series dedicated to all who appreciate minimalism, simplicity and convenience. The hallmark of Pasco is a double clasp on the plastic clips. If you are looking for durable, eco pencil cases, briefcases, cases, business card holders then Pasco is just for you!

In 2017 years Midori has designed a new series for Pulp Storage – Paper Cord.
Paper cord in appearance can resemble a bag of jute or raffia. Braided in the traditional way has become an ideal material for pen cases and cases. The great advantage of these products is a metal zipper in gold, which adds to the elegance. Because who said that items created from recycled must be gray and without character?

Midori is an example that it is possible to make something beautiful and useful of recycled materials. You just have to have an idea.

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