Month: May 2017

Traveler's Company

Traveler’s Notebook in travel around Poland!

Traveler’s Notebook is primarily about travel. What if Traveler’s Notebook wil travel around Poland? Last year to celebrate the 10th birthday of the traveler’s Notebook we came up with the idea to fill one of the traveler’s notebook Notebook wishes and greetings from us fans and users of this notebook, and then give the team traveler’s Company in Japan. We already have a few entries, all beautiful and inspiring, and most importantly, show a partCzytaj dalej

Traveler's Company

Traveler’s Company fountain pen – the thing we all have been waiting for

In April Traveler’s Notebook definitely spoils us! We have to say here, quite immodestly, that we really like it The Traveler’s Notebook Olive Edition, a notebook, a pen holder and a pen, came to us first. Joy was not over! But it was only a preview, because what we all dreamed about, what we dreamed of at night, we had to wait a little longer. The Traveler’s Notebook pen prototype was seen during the meetingCzytaj dalej

Akashiya Sai

The colourful world of brush pen

The fact that calligraphy is becoming more and more popular makes us pleased. We also love the draw letters, play with different nibs and other instruments. Last brush pens come to our hands. Brush pens, also called fundepens, is an alternative to traditional brushes used for calligraphy. The brush was one of the first instruments for calligraphy in the East, however, had several disadvantages: spoonful and need ink. Also could not always take it withCzytaj dalej