Waeringeul Inks – colorful world of literature

Although Wearngeul inks are quite new on the market, we believe that they would stay here for a longer time. We love the idea and story behind them.

Coming from South Korea the inks are the reference and interpretation to Korean and worldwide known works of literature. The reference is very subtle but exact and make us to see the work from a different perspective.

Wearingeul inks are divided into classic inks, sheen, shimmering and two-tone inks, showing their real nature after drying. As the producer says, the shimmering inks work best with the fountain pen with nibs wider than EF.

In Escribo you will find four series referring to Japanese and Korean poetry and literature.

Modern Korean Female Writers:

Deep dark red “Human Issues”, which name is derived from the title of a novel, granite “Stonecutter’s Song” with red tone, amber yellow “Kyeong-Hee” in color of the sun in so called golden hour and olive “Path” with golden dust, reflecting sunlight between the leaves.

Natsume Soseki:

Honey yellow “Sanshiro”, greyish blue and green “Mind” and grey “I am a Cat” with golden dust.

Juhn Ji Yong:

Pastel pink “Floating Cloud” with orange tone, after drying, “The Night Colored in grape” – pastel violet with silver dust and light blue “Watery Star” with silver glitter.

Yun Dong Ju:

Deep blue “The Sky, Seasons Passing By”, “A Star Spattered Hill” – amber yellow with golden glitter, “Stars in Autumn” – dark blue with silver dust, and green-black “Shoot the Moon”.

Yi Sang:

“Soyoungwije” – deep violet with silver glitter reflects the sky observed by a poet who is going to break up with his lover, “A taxidermied Genius” – violet with green sheen, dark green “13 children”, grey “Me in the Mirror” with silver dust, and “Architecture infinite Cube” – warm brown with green sheen.

The fifth series is „Literature colors”:

“Demian Mature” greyish blue turning into dark blue after drying out. And pastel blue “Demian Lost”, turning into sea green with yellow tones. These two are the interpretation of the novel “Demian” by Herman Hesse.

And finally – the most interesting in our opinion “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Almost everyone knows the characters from this book. The characters are represented in the form of classic ink accompanied with small bottles of potions with glitter inside. Each potion is a feature or thing that the characters lack of. After mixing the potion with the ink we will get the “complete character”. And so, dark blue Dorohty gets Silver Shoes, brown Cowardly Lion gets golden Brave, dark grey Tin Woodman gets rose gold Heart and olive Scarecrow gets brass Brain. Each of the potions can be mixed with any Wearingeul ink which doesn’t contain glitter. It allows us to make our own versions of inks.

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