Traveler’s Notebook in travel around Poland!

Traveler’s Notebook is primarily about travel. What if Traveler’s Notebook wil travel around Poland?

Last year to celebrate the 10th birthday of the traveler’s Notebook we came up with the idea to fill one of the traveler’s notebook Notebook wishes and greetings from us fans and users of this notebook, and then give the team traveler’s Company in Japan. We already have a few entries, all beautiful and inspiring, and most importantly, show a part of each of us.

Because we want it to be the only one unique Traveler’s Notebook, we would like to invite you to a common, and at the same time have fun.


On the basis of well known game “pass it forward”. We will send the notebook to one person, who will do an entry and next this person pass is forward to another one. It is important that the notebook will be constantly on the move, and visit as many places in Poland as possible, but notice – we have only a month for making it happen.

Each of persons will have maximum 3 days for making an entry. Inside you can write a poem, sketch, pictures, literally everything what your imagination tells you and everything what you want to share with. There is a lot of space. We have all three refills for disposal: kraft paper, MD paper and sketching paper.

The Traveler’s will be packed in a box, which will be used for next shipping. Each of participants have to pay for the shipping and packaging. In this game, every participant will be given 20 pln for shopping in our e-shop.

A such made by you Notebook we will take to Japan where we will give it to Traveler’s Company team.

The surprises don’t stop there!

Apart from that we will together create only one, unique notebook, of all entries we will draw by lot entry, which will be awarded. This person will win a shopping voucher in Escribo in amount of 200 pln.

To start the fun we have to create a list of people who want to take part in it.

From today (18.05.2017) we accept the notification email address: In this notification, you should put your first and last name, and address. Then, we will sent you back futher instructions.

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