The colourful world of brush pen

The fact that calligraphy is becoming more and more popular makes us pleased.

We also love the draw letters, play with different nibs and other instruments.

Last brush pens come to our hands.

Brush pens, also called fundepens, is an alternative to traditional brushes used for calligraphy. The brush was one of the first instruments for calligraphy in the East, however, had several disadvantages: spoonful and need ink. Also could not always take it with you. As that necessity is the mother of invention, wise came up with the combination of brush in the form of a marker pen. Generally speaking that what brush pen is.

There is various types of brush pens. The traditional one, which the brush is inside the berrel with a cap. Similar to fountain pen, brush pens are refilled with ink. In our offer traditional brush pens are these of Japan brand Craft Design Technology. they have been specially selected and blended to create optimum tip performance with animal hairs, which gives this brush pen the qualities of a proper calligraphy brush and allows for beautiful stroke stops, upward strokes, and brush sweeps.

In our shop you can find colour Akashiya Sai brush pens, available in four sets of colours which are inspired by seasons. They are just perfect for colouring! This is what makes the brush pens are unique is a very flexible tip made from a combination of bamboo fibers with animal hair, which is designed to mimic the brush. Another advantage of the brush pen is the ink resevoir placed inside. The water-based ink is perfect for painting. Using a brush and water, you can get the effect as when painting with watercolours.Depending on what paper we use, brush pens have different properties, for example, on the slippery paper we can easily mix colors together, and then paint them on the sheet. Since we are talking about the colors, the choiceis wide.

In our offer you can also find thin liners, which are brush pens with very thin brush ( 2 mm), with ink inspired by the colour of soild. You can write precise lines that bring elegance to your calligraphy and cards, and dynamic movement to your comic illustrations and other drawings. It is highly elastic, giving you precise control. The water-based pigment ink is fade-resistant and waterproof when dried, which is great for outlining watercolor works.

To sum up, brush pens have potential, which can be used in different ways depending on your imagination.

The fun is just beginning!

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