Newsletter – an unanswered letter

The writing of letters and postcards probably brings me more pleasure than persons to whom I write. I am not even discouraged by the fact, that every year during my holidays I send approximately 50 postcards and I receive just 2 (TWO) of them! Choosing postcards, the color of ink and appropriate content could be my only holiday activity. In May, during my last holiday, I wrote postcards for my companion! Am I addicted? Am I desperate? I have no clue, this is who I am.

But what exactly my mania have to do with a newsletter? Well, usually nobody answers for newsletters. Nay, it is a success if somebody reads them! Newsletters are kind of today’s nightmare. We receive as many of them, that even those really uncomplaining ones, trying to get through their e-mail box, lose their patience. Very often, newsletters have no value for the reader, of course excluding these entitled “You are beautiful”, “Hello darling”, “Did you miss me?” – I always read these! Always. One thing is certain, newsletters is an evil! At least, it was what I thought.

Recently, however, we noticed in Escribo that more and more customers sign up to a newsletter, that we never sent (because it is a pure evil). So, we came up with the idea to link our love for writing postcards and letters with a newsletter, and try to dispel their bad fame.

What you can find in our newsletter?

  • Information about new brands which we will import to Poland
  • Links to hidden tabs with presale of new products and limited editions
  • Plans of our paper journeys, as well as trade fair across Poland, in which we take part in
  • Discount codes for chosen collections

The first newsletter are going to your e-mail boxes today! According to the plan, we will sent to you two newsletters every month, meaningfully and without bloviate. So, we will do that if we only have something to write about.

All of you who joined to our newsletter during creating an account, will get it automatically, the rest of you can look here:


I hope, that you will like the newsletter, and you will wait for it! 🙂

Who knows, maybe even someone will write me back!? 😉

Kind regards!


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