Accessories for Bullet Journal

Very often we hear the question what to use to make our bullet journal more colorful and intersting. And to enjoy the way we create it.

We know how important is this case, and we treat it with respect. Thus we prepare three tips that you may find useful making your bullet journal.

1.More color!

Everyone has its own strictly define system. But sometimes we may lost somewhere between bullets and dashes, thus it can a good idea to distinguish events and meetings and circle them with a color marker. For example, to use one color for meetings, and another  for tasks, and yet another one for important things. In this case, markers can be find very helpful, but not those in agressive colors, because they distract our attention, and this is not the point. We use ICONIC 2Way Pen – they are available in three sets of colors: Deco, Pastel and Retro. The last one is our favourite! 🙂

For those of you, who want to add some drawings to their BOJO, we recommend Akashiya Sai brush pens. Those are perfect for caligrapfhy but also for drawing and painting. When you mix it with water they create a beautiful effect of watercolors.


2 Way Retro Pen

Akashyia Sai Brush Pens

2.Stickers are good for everything

Did you make a mistake? Did you have to change your plans and cross your notes? No worries! We have a rule that if we make a mistake, we just sick a colorful mt tape or a sticker on it. But mt tapes and stickers are a perfect idea to mark an important event, birthday or trip. In this case, Midori Seal Collection are just perfect. Available in differet motifs – with words (Anniversary, Birthday, Coffee), sweet gnoms that shows moods or sleepy heads.

Mt tape Hearts

Midori Seal Collection Stickers

ICONIC coloring deco pack

Markers and book darts are must-have of every notebook, as well as of bullet journal. If you use a lot of them, a good solution may be discrete and as thin as a paper, metal Book Darts. Colorful sticky markers are also nice. With cactus and animal markers for sure nothing will go unnoticed.

Book Darts

Midori Bookmarks


We cannot forget about the most basic accessory which is a good ruler. For us, the fundamental criterion is durability. A ruler should be resiistant to different accidents (falls, breaks and cracks). The Midori wooden ruler has all these features. What is more, it has a laser engraved scale ensures that the ruler does not fade over time.

If you are looking for brass accessories, it is worth to see the Traveler’s Company Brass collection. You will find rulers, alphabet and number markers, which are very interesting and practical solution.

You can also find helpful a pocket glue tape and compact scissors, when you would like to glue some tickets or photos. Midori XS collection offers a wide range of really handful accessories that can be packed even to the smallest pen case.

Midori Wooden Ruler

Travele’s Company bookmark alphabet

Midori XS scissors

On the iternet you can find a lot of BOJO inspirations. So, we have nothing else to do, but just start creating our bullet journal!

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