2018 Diaries Review – ICONIC

At the end of 2018 Diaries Review we prepered for you the real hit – ICONIC Diaries 2018.

ICONIC has a gift for creating products that are unique in every detail, unusually practical and durable. Starting from pencil cases, ballpoint pens and ending on notebooks – everything is just beautiful!

In this year we are pleased to introduce to our offer a collection of diaries and planners. It was not an easy task for us to decide which one we should choose, because we would like to have them all!

Without any doubt, the thing that differentiates ICONIC are colourful covers and patterns, to which you cannot be indifferent, as well as paper with basis weight of 100g/m2, that is just perfect for writing with a ballpointpen or pencil.

Recently, ICONIC Mello Diary which combines both a weekly diary and planner quickly has gained popularuty.

It consists of 192 pages in which we will find a year calendar for 2018 and 2019 (a pages), year planner (2 pages), monthly planner (26 pages), weekly calendar (116 pages), plain pages for notes (18 pages), and gridded pages (18 pages), as well as world map and Korea map.

Weekly calendar is divided into seven sections, one per one day.

ICONIC Mellow Diary has hard cover made of synthetic leather that is closed with elastic rubber band.

Inside we can find additional pocket for storing notes and ribbon bookmark.

Despite diaries in a form of notebook, ICONIC also desk planners.

ICONIC 2018 Desk Scheduler in monthly basis consists of 14 sheets of calendar, form November 2017 to December 2018.

Scheduler on the one side is a monthly planer, with empty boxes, where you can jot down a piece of important information, meeting or phone call that you have to on a particular day, whereas on the other side, you can find a simple, common calendar.

The stad is made of durable, thick paper that ensure the scheduler stands stable.

ICONIC 2018 Desk Scheduler is must-have gadget of every office!

ICONIC Diaries:

  • 192 pages, divided into annual calendar for 2018 and 2019, an annual planner, monthly planner, weekly schedule with one week on two pages, and empty pages for notes.
  • Colourful covers made of synthetic leather
  • Paper with basis weight of 100g/m2

You can find ICONIC Mellow Diary in our shop just clicking here, and Desk Scheduler – here.


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