Mt tape ideas

During one of the stationery events, when we introduced our novelty – Mt tapes, a client did not believe in possibilities they have. This was the moment when he threw down a challenge to us “if you dare to stick them in a car?” Because any challenge is not horrifying to us, the effects came very quickly. In August the volunteer appeared – Fiat 500. Two days later, in the sunny evening, all Escribo team collected as much Mt tapes as could have held and started to stick tapes into the trunk.

The joy had no end! We were as happy as small children that get first paints in their life! We all agreed that we use tapes in different patterns to create something like patchwork. In effect on the trunk appeared flowers, leaves, colorful stripes and dots, and of course cats! Exactly! There must have been cats!

We knew a lot about Mt tape. We use them in our notebooks, calendars, pens, and even for decorating bigger objects like pieces of furniture. However, we had never used them for outdoor objects. Thus, we had some concerns: if it will look good? Will tape become dirty soon? What if the whole work will go by the board because of rain?

If we make it? Definitely yes! The car was decorated 4 months ago. The effect is still very good. We will not hide, that mt tapes are a little dirty, but it is acceptable. Fiat survived raindrops and four visits in car wash without any damage! All of you, who visit Fountain Pen Day in Warsaw 18th of August could admire our masterpiece. All of you, who miss the chance – do not worry! Our work was documented by Edyta Dufaj. Just watch a movie below.

You can find the original Mt tapes here (click)

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