2018 Diary Review – Hobonichi Techo Planner

We remember when for the first time, exactly three years ago, Hobonichi calendar get into our hands. Of course, there were cries of joy, moments of a positive surprise, and moments in which we wondered how it exactly works.

But what fascinated us most is stunning precision with which the calendar was made. Everything from the cover, paper, printing and sewing is on tip top!

Hobonichi is the English version of Japanease Hobonichi Techo, who stole the hearts of Japanese people in 2001. Since then, is the undisputed number one among calendars. You can definitely say that this is a small calendar for great needs.

The English version was developed in collaboration with the famous Japanese designer and owner of the company Art & Science, Sonyą Park.

The calendar is available in A6 format, has up to 450 pages and weighs only 205 grams. There have been us unbelievers, that bravely count towards the page-by-page ifis it possible to so little item had so much pages. The whole secret lies in one of the best paper in the world-Tomoe River, which was used in the preduction of the calendar. The paper weight of Tomoe River is 52 g/m2. For example, one piece of paper Tomoe River weighs as much as 1/3 of the usual A4. The paper was used to print dictionaries and Bible. By his gentleness is very durable, ideal for writing with a pen. Importantly, the calendar opens flat anywhere.

Hobonichi on the front pages has a calendar on a monthly basis, and the next pages are a daily calendar with printed hours schedule, one page is one day. All the pages are in a black grid, which are made up by the tiny dots. With this system you can easily plan your day and make notes. Everything is the right amount of space. What’s more, each page on the bottom has a quote from the magazine Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun. There are quotes, humorous, but these touching, provocative thoughts.

Hobonichi is a product for those who value the highest quality, compact, but also are gadget lovers. All because each calendar has its own serial number, which makes it even more special. Another characteristic is that each year on the last pages of the calendar you will find information about Japan and the Japanese, each year more. About the topic chosen by the designers, we will get to know in the autumn.  There already had been information about Japanese cuisine, fauna and flora, beliefs and traditions, and this year we can read about the history of Japan, Christmas and we know the Japanese fairy tales.

Hobonichi calendars are available in the version with the cover, which also change every year. You can select the cover out of six exceptional colour connections. They are made of soft, high-strength polyester and two tabs, two pen holders and many pockets in different sizes where we can store important notes, receipts or tickets.

Hobonichi is a unique product. It is in a class of its own. Elegance and simplicity. Surely you will not find anywhere the same calendar, or even similar visually and qualitatively. We’ve heard often that users select Hobonichi, because, despite their tiny size, it leaves an incredible freedom and makes keeping the calendar a real pleasure, and I guess this is what matters in this all busy the madness of everyday life.

Hobonichi at a glance:
-a monthly and daily calendar basis
-the A6 format
-up to 450 pages of the brilliant paper Tomoe River
-durable cover
– compact
– each year, a different version
– serial number
-quotes on each page and information about Japan
-calendar with unique cover

NOTE: Hobonichi occurs in the English version.

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