Whitelines  is a company founded in Stockholm by three friends, who believe that each of us is the inventor in some field. Trying to prove this thesis, they have created an unusual paper that combines traditional writing and modern use.

 The concept of paper Whitelines  is based on studies that have proven that the white sheet of paper with printed black or blue line or grid distracts us when taking notes, or learning from them. In contrast to grey sheets of paper with white lines or grid, which are better than the ones mention before.

The inventors of Whitelines goes one step further.

We all have been in a situation when our colligue from work or university asks us for a picture of some important note. All links the same feature: even those made the best camera, have poor quality. The photo, can and is readable, but it is not perfect.

 If it is possible to find digital applies to analog paper? Yes, of course!

Especially for Whitelines notebooks the mobile app was designe, which let us to scan our notes easily.

The basic assumption is that the app and paper must actually “see” each other, and the rest goes automatically.  How to do it? Every page contains four corner elements. Make sure, that they will be visible on the screen. Do not move even for a moment, let the app capture a note and then save and share the image with your friends, or post it in the way you like. There is nothing much simpler!

Another advantage is the ability to store notes on the drive in the cloud so that you have them always with you. If you use coulors, don’t worry! They will be the same in the mobile version!

Certainly Whitelines paper is a compromise for these who enjoy hand writing but need digital notes.

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