Because dreams have to be fulfilled!

Today is the day when one of our dreams came true. Dreams, because this is not another business project nor the next step of the development of our firm.

When somebody ask if it will repay or if we will have any customers? We came to the conclusion that there is only one answer to all questions – NO!

Because, who counts fulfilling dreams? We certainly not!

Today, 9th of December we opened our Papierowe Atelier. We did not call it a shop for a reason – we do not consider it as a shop.

Papierowe Atelier is our Home. This is a place when we want invite lovers of paper, clips, pencils, fountain pens and ink. Invite you to watch together photos from journeys, in which we look for notebooks, touching paper, trying nibs and ink, smelling covers and viewing catalogues.

This will be a place when we could meet and talk about our common mania!

We hope that you will visit us!

We invite you to Papierowe Atelier!

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