Ystudio – sentimental minimalism

We live in a hurry, in cold world surrounded with new technologies, when we cannot find ourselves very often. Let’s close the computer, separate from the reality around us, take a piece of paper and write down the most honest thoughts, try to express your emotions. Ystudio products are just perfect for this!

Ystudio is a new brand, established in 2012 in Taiwan, that conquer the writing market all over the world. Simplicity of form and natural materials of the highest quality, such as brass, copper and walnut wood make the brand successful. Every product was hand made by experienced craftsmen in local factories. This products are reflections of features of people from Taiwan – uniqueness and reliability.

Ystudio emphesises that its most important goal is to explore vanishing culture, devotes ourselves to linking past memories and modern life. Reflections should come back every time when we look at their products. They are designed in order to accompany us for years. According to Ystudio, the owner makes that the pen is unique. It is you who make its story. Incidental scrapes, scratches or rust show the experience – the most precious thing in one’s life. Not without reason their product was made of brass. Because brass on account of changing environment can change its colour, achieving individual character.

BRASSING collection is dedicate to less patient users. This collection let “trick” the whole process and design the amazing patina effect by themselves. You can create personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sanding paper which is attached in the product’s package.

Timeless, minimalistic shapes suppose to represent a return to the tradition when precious items were passed on over the ages from generation to generation.

All this make that Ystudio is unique and trustworthy, what the best proved by awards HKDA Global Design Awards and Shopping Deign Best 100.

The slogan “The Weight of Words” should remind you about the responsibility for every word you write down. Let yourself be inspired and create your own story.

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