Good morning Escribo!

Escribo develops. We are very pleased that we can share our passion and love for paper with so many of you. Development of our shop and an impressive correspondence with our customers convinced us that we are ready for creating a place that allows for exchange of thoughts and stories connected with notebooks, paper and writing instruments.

On this blog we will currently inform you about novelties in our shop and our plans for future.

We prepared for you a lot of amazing stories about our paper journeys to terrific places and about our meetings with extraordinary people.

We hope that this blog become a meeting place where we will have the opportunity to know you better. We would like to tempt you to share with some of your stories. Some of them, because the most beautiful ones is better to write down on a paper. And due to Escribo bringing them back becomes much more pleasant.

Newsletter – an unanswered letter

The writing of letters and postcards probably brings me more pleasure than persons to whom I write. I am not even discouraged by the fact, that every year during my holidays I send approximately 50 postcards and I receive just 2 (TWO) of them! Choosing postcards, the color of ink and appropriate content could be my only holiday activity. In May, during my last holiday, I wrote postcards for my companion! Am I addicted? Am I desperate? I have no clue, this is who I am.

But what exactly my mania have to do with a newsletter? Well, usually nobody answers for newsletters. Nay, it is a success if somebody reads them! Newsletters are kind of today’s nightmare. We receive as many of them, that even those really uncomplaining ones, trying to get through their e-mail box, lose their patience. Very often, newsletters have no value for the reader, of course excluding these entitled “You are beautiful”, “Hello darling”, “Did you miss me?” – I always read these! Always. One thing is certain, newsletters is an evil! At least, it was what I thought.

Recently, however, we noticed in Escribo that more and more customers sign up to a newsletter, that we never sent (because it is a pure evil). So, we came up with the idea to link our love for writing postcards and letters with a newsletter, and try to dispel their bad fame.

What you can find in our newsletter?

  • Information about new brands which we will import to Poland
  • Links to hidden tabs with presale of new products and limited editions
  • Plans of our paper journeys, as well as trade fair across Poland, in which we take part in
  • Discount codes for chosen collections

The first newsletter are going to your e-mail boxes today! According to the plan, we will sent to you two newsletters every month, meaningfully and without bloviate. So, we will do that if we only have something to write about.

All of you who joined to our newsletter during creating an account, will get it automatically, the rest of you can look here:


I hope, that you will like the newsletter, and you will wait for it! 🙂

Who knows, maybe even someone will write me back!? 😉

Kind regards!


A tribute to Dorothea Lange – Blackwing 344

At the beginning of the 20th century, photos were captured and developed using chemical and physical reactions. This beautiful mix of science and creativity elevated photography to an art form long before it was widely regarded as such. The results of this artistic process are photographs that have a deep connection to not only the photographer and subject, but the environment.

In 1936, while working for the Farm Security Administration, Dorothea Lange took one of the most recognizable photographs in American history. “Migrant Mother” captures the essence of Depression-era America in the form of a 32-year old working mother of seven in Nipomo, CA. This image is one of the most striking examples of photography’s ability to capture emotion and tell a story.

Blackwing 344 celebrates the 80th anniversary of this historic photo and the artistic legacy Dorothea Lange left behind. The deep red barrel, red foil imprint, bright red ferrule and black eraser reflect what a Blackwing 602 pencil would look like in a darkroom. The model number references Library of Congress LOT 344, which contains a number of her photographs, including the iconic “Migrant Mother.”

How do you like it?

Monsieur J. Herbin

J. Herbin is the oldest company in the world dealing with ink production, that uses only natural and pH neutral dyes.

But, who was actually J. Herbin?

J. Herbin was a sailor in the seventeen-century France.  During his sea travels, he was familiar with iron gall ink which was very popular at that time in Europe. However, bad weather and moisture on a ship harmed paper and ink. Such conditions required something special.

During one of his many travels to India, J. Herbin developed his own formula of iron gall ink, which probably was a gift for the ship’s master. When he ended with sailing, he also ended producing his ink.

J. Herbin settled down in Paris, where he started producing wax, using the special formula that he brought with him from another travel to India. One sailor, hearing legends about J. Herbin’s ink and its features, visited his workshop in Paris and convinced him to make and sale his ink.

Since the very beginning, J. Herbin’s products was very successful in France. They were used by leading individuals, among others Louis XIV and Coco Chanel.

Unique colours and sentimental names that stimulate the imagination are the features that characterize J. Herbin’s ink.

Each colour has a different story inspired by J. Herbin’s travels, events in France, famous figures or legends.

What is your favourite colour and how it inspire you?

Ystudio – sentimental minimalism

We live in a hurry, in cold world surrounded with new technologies, when we cannot find ourselves very often. Let’s close the computer, separate from the reality around us, take a piece of paper and write down the most honest thoughts, try to express your emotions. Ystudio products are just perfect for this!

Ystudio is a new brand, established in 2012 in Taiwan, that conquer the writing market all over the world. Simplicity of form and natural materials of the highest quality, such as brass, copper and walnut wood make the brand successful. Every product was hand made by experienced craftsmen in local factories. This products are reflections of features of people from Taiwan – uniqueness and reliability.

Ystudio emphesises that its most important goal is to explore vanishing culture, devotes ourselves to linking past memories and modern life. Reflections should come back every time when we look at their products. They are designed in order to accompany us for years. According to Ystudio, the owner makes that the pen is unique. It is you who make its story. Incidental scrapes, scratches or rust show the experience – the most precious thing in one’s life. Not without reason their product was made of brass. Because brass on account of changing environment can change its colour, achieving individual character.

BRASSING collection is dedicate to less patient users. This collection let “trick” the whole process and design the amazing patina effect by themselves. You can create personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sanding paper which is attached in the product’s package.

Timeless, minimalistic shapes suppose to represent a return to the tradition when precious items were passed on over the ages from generation to generation.

All this make that Ystudio is unique and trustworthy, what the best proved by awards HKDA Global Design Awards and Shopping Deign Best 100.

The slogan “The Weight of Words” should remind you about the responsibility for every word you write down. Let yourself be inspired and create your own story.

10th Anniversary of Traveler’s Notebook!

It’s 10 years now when the Japanese Traveler’s Notebook came into being. As the producers say, it was 10 years of full of inspiration meetings, talks and journeys.

It is amazing how this notebook won our hearts around the world. Every year there is more and more users and producers try to surprise them with new ideas. On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of Traveler’s Notebook producers created the collection of mini notebooks.

Besides brown and black, producers introduced a new colour – CAMEL, that will be a part of the offer in this spring!

Each of notebooks will be packed in a special tin. Inside you can find a brass hanger, a set of stickers and, of course, a miniature Traveler’s Notebook in the colour you choose.

The miniature collection available for sale in spring!

A presale will be a little bit earlier! 😉