The competition – “My Own Traveler’s Notebook”

We have praising Traveler’s Notebook so many times before and some of you may start even thinking that we are obsessed with it. Those of you, who have already met us, know that it is true 😀

We succeed to spread this obsession through many of you. We are really proud that we have a very loyal group of users of Traveler’s Notebook, who appreciate the idea, quality and manufacturing of this product, and also enjoy customizing their dream notebook. Looking for two similar notebooks is a waste of time, because as many owners, as many ideas how to customize it. We are quite sure about it, because during workshops and other meetings we have seen so much of them, and all are very unique! This is why we come up with the idea of a competition named
“My Traveler’s Notebook”!

Rules are very simple: open your own TN on the page you like the most, grab your camera or smartphone and take a picture. Then, publish it on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag with hashtag #otomojTN. You can also sent a picture by e-mail on following address

We will wait for pictures until the end of August. On 10th of September our reliable Jury will choose three photos and the winners will get prices: the accessory  from the original Traveler’s Factory (available in Japan only!) and two vouchers with the value of 100 and 50 PLN.

All of participants will get everlasting glory and admiration, because we are going to create album on our Facebook account and blog site with pictures of yours. Maybe, it will become inspiration for other users 😊

Don’t worry, Jury will not evaluate your photographic skills!
Good time and love for Traveler’s Notebook is what count the most!

2018 Diaries Review – Traveler’s Notebook

Because of the fact that the Traveler’s Notebook in a very short time has become a cult product, and even the object of desire, it could not been omitted in our review cycle calendars. BecauseTraveler’s Notebook is more than a notebook…

If you’re wondering on buying this notebook, you may want to consider the option of calendar. The characteristic feature of a notebook is 2 mm cover of raw leather, which was handmade by local manufacturers in Chaing Mai in Tailandii. Its secret is the severity of the skin, which beautifully old and takes on a patina. Covers are available in three colors: camel, brown and black. Remarkable is that each cover behaves differently. It is affected by the environment and use, but we swear that we never saw two identical covers, and we’ve seen them quite a bit.

Covers are available in two sizes – Regular (220x120x10 mm) and a Passport Size (134x98x10 mm), although this choice is not simple. It all depends on individual needs, some prefer large, others small, and still others use both.

When it comes to calendars, in the case of regular size we have to choose three of them: weekly vertical weekly + memo and monthly.

In weekly vertical calenndar you can find annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, in which the two sides are four months, and weekly calendar vertical. Total 68 pages. We included two cartridges, one for the first 6 months and the other for the rest of the year. This callendar is only available for large Traveler’sa.

Weekly + memo refill also on the front pages has an annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, where four months take up two pages, and the weekly calendar. In this case, the left side of the calendar contains one week, while the right, gridded, free space for notes. Here, similarly, we get two refills, 68 pages each. Weekly + memo calendar is available in two sizes.

Last calendar, monthly is an option for those who like to have a clear insight to what is planned for the entire month. The entire refill has 48 pages, divided into calendar year on 2018 and 2019 year monthly calendar, vertical (12 months on 2 pages) and a monthly calendar from December 2017 and January 2019. A monthly calendar is also available in two sizes, Regular and Passport Size.

Which calendar choose? How many users, so many opinions. The most important thing is to think about the purposes for which we will need it. If we like to see how we planed a week, hour after hour, we should choose weekly vertical calendar. If we have less things to do, but we need a lot of space on the constantly emerging ideas in one’s head, I strongly recommend weekly + memo. On the other hand, if we are active, we travel a lot and we like to plan in advance – ideally find an insert with monthly.

All calendars are made of well known paper MD. What’s more, in each set of the calendar are included with stickers, each year more. This year with the theme of the Traveler’s Train.

In addition to the cover, the calendar’s contribution with stickers, we find a linen pouch on the notebook, and replacement bands.

Traveler’s Notebook is a notebook for life. Thanks to the fact that refills are interchangeable, and the cover over the years matures and takes on a character, it can be used for really long periods of time. It is also pointed out that the calendar of the Traveler’s Notebook is just the beginning. There is a wide choice of refills, so you can create your dream unique notebook that meets your needs. One thing is certain, once you use Travelers’a, you will not be able to replace it with any other notebook.

In conclusion, the traveler’s calendar Notebook combines beauty, simplicity and minimalism, and its advantages are:

  • Leather cover traveler’s Notebook
  • Calendar
  • Whole life notebook
  • Stickers
  • Cotton bag
  • An extra band
  • The joy of use


Traveler’s Company fountain pen – the thing we all have been waiting for

In April Traveler’s Notebook definitely spoils us! We have to say here, quite immodestly, that we really like it

The Traveler’s Notebook Olive Edition, a notebook, a pen holder and a pen, came to us first. Joy was not over! But it was only a preview, because what we all dreamed about, what we dreamed of at night, we had to wait a little longer.

The Traveler’s Notebook pen prototype was seen during the meeting in December 2015 . It already made a huge impression on us. As Traveler’s lovers and users of fountain pens, it imagined our admiration! On the other hand, when we found out by the beginning of 2017 that in April it will be sold … our excitement reached a completely different level. Of course, we had to keep this in secret, which was not the easiest task, because everybody knows what happens when the sentence “just do not tell anyone” is heard, especially when it comes to women.

However, months of waiting paid off, and the pen itself fulfilled all our expectations.

Made entirely of brass, it is the perfect complement to the BRASS collection. As Traveler’s Notebook, the fountain pen gain the individual character over time. Easily converted into a compact “carry around” size and elongated for easy writing, BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN also boasts a depth in texture that solid brass acquires over time and use, complemented with a high-quality finish created by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The top of the pen has a ring for attaching a hook or string, so you can clip it to your bag as a key holder or customize it using beads and other items – let your imagination run free! The ring can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you prefer.

One thing that makes us curious is the nib. Traveler’s Company keeps in secret who is the producer.

We do know, that TRC fountain pen is an object of desire, and that not many of have it. We have to be patient, because TRC fountain pen will be sold in the autumn 2017.

Traveler’s Notebook OLIVE EDITION

What color look good with Traveler’s notebook?

Since a classic brown and black editions of Traveler’s notebook appeared on the market in 2006, the Traveler’s Company has designed many prototypes while taking another look at color.

The characteristics of Traveler’s notebook is a cover that the often is used the more richer character gains. This happens because of the color and texture of the leather. Because there are no two identical pieces of leather, each cover reacts to the environment and changes differently. Therefore predicting these changes and working on obtaining excellent color and tone, which will be suitable for notebook takes time.

The first limited edition was Camel Edition and appeared in 2011, on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the brand in the market. In 2015 we enjoyed the Blue Edition. The year 2017 presents a new limited edition – OLIVE EDITION.

The task of the Traveler’s Company was to obtain the color of old-growth forests, whose roots recall ancient times.

Nature has always been an inspiration for artists, because it becalmed, stimulated imagination, added energy, was a symbol.

Henry David Thoreau in Walden Pond forest built a cabin where he had a journey into himself and led an independent life in harmony with nature, which resulted in a work entitled “Walden, or Life in the woods.” For Japanese photographer Michio Hoshino a wild landscape of Alaska became the inspiration for beautiful pictures. Poets Basho Santoka found the inspiration to create masterpieces by walking through the woodlands of Japan forests. They were also Brautigan and Kerouac, who in an unusual way wrote about the untamed forests of the American region of Big Sur.

In the woods artists always find the energy to create new, great works and to make history.

Inspired by the color of forests, the new Traveler’s Notebook OLIVE EDITION is a very limited edition in 2017. The edition also introduces also the olive-colored PEN HOLDER and BRASS BALLPOINT PEN, which we hope our customers will use together with their TRAVELER’S. notebook. Attach the ballpoint pen to the holder to allow for easy use, even when outdoors.

With your TRAVELER’S notebook OLIVE EDITION in hand, and with that feeling of a traveler walking through the wilderness of untrodden lands, we invite you to spend every day as if making a journey.

Have a nice trip into the unknown with the Traveler’s notebook OLIVE EDITION!

Presale on the end of Feburary.

Price list:

Traveler’s notebook OLIVE EDITION – 230,00 zł

Brass ballpoint pen OLIVE – 130,00 zł

Pen holder OLIVE – 49,00 zł

Traveler’s Notebook – how to choose refills?

Traveler’s Notebook is the most frequently chosen notebook from our offer.  From comments we know that it is loved because it leaves the choice, is individual and nobody tells us what and where we should have.

There are plenty of refills as well as questions about them. Because of that, we decided to create this guide and describe how a particular refill can be used. Clicking on a refill’s name let you transfer directly to e-shop.

Are you ready? Let’s start from the bigger one of the Traveler’s Notebooks, called Regular.

Refill 001

  • One of the most popular, lined refill. Lines are separated with 6,4 mm spacing. Each of refill contains 64 pages of the famous MD paper, which perfectly works with ink.

Refill 002

  • Gridded refill with MD paper. Pewter grid of dimension 5 x 5 mm.

Refill 003

  • Plain refill, which we also can find in starter kit of Traveler’s Notebook. MD paper.

Refill 004

  • Refill in which we can find 3 self-adhesive pockets, made of PVC. It may be glued to the inner part of the cover or directly to one of refills. Glue is very strong. Because of the size of pockets, they can be also used in passport size Traveler’s Notebook.

Refill 006

  • The refill is a self-adhesive pocket that can accommodate for example a sheet of paper of A4 format folded into thirds. Additionally, the pocket has a cut, that was designed for storing cards. Glue is very strong, so we can stick the refill to the inner part of the cover as well.

Refill 007

  • A set of 12 silicon pockets for cards. Perfect for storing tickets, stamps and small pieces of paper.

Refill 008

  • Absolutely must-have in every journey! A silicon pocket with zip closure form the one side and ordinary, slipped pocket on the other. It will store safety foreign money, a passport or tickets. The pocket is also very practical in every day usage, especially if we like collect pieces of paper, cards and receipts.

Refill 009

  • Known as reparative refill. Precisely, it is a set of rubber bands to exchange primary rubber bands and rest that hold the whole notebook. We will not need this refill for the several months of usage of this notebook.

Refill 010

  • The set of double-sided stickers of different size. If you plan to collect tickets, or maybe receipts and  stamps, then this refill is perfect for you. Of course, we can live without it, using simple double-sided tape instead.

Refill 011

  • It can be misleading to name it a refill, because in fact it is a binder/folder. We can put into it already written refills, which we don’t want to take with us, or calendars from previous years as well.

Refill 012

  • The refill for sketching and drawing. Due to thicker paper, this refill is also perfect for water painting. There is a perforation on every page, so we can tear pages with our drawings. This refills contains 48 pages.

Refill 013

  • The refill with ultra-thick paper, which perfectly work with ink, don’t fray and imprint. Enthusiasts of fountain pens and thick paper will love this refill. It contains 128 pages.

Refill 014

  • The refill with craft paper, which means with grey paper, that will be a perfect basis for gluing souvenirs from journeys. Also perfect for sketching and drawing. Contains 64 pages.

Refill 015

  • A penholder of S size, the smallest one. We put only the clips of fountain pen or pen inside the penholder, not the whole writing instrument. Available in three colours, matching with the colour of notebooks.

Refill 016

  • A penholder of M size is the biggest one. It accommodate a fountain pen, pen or pencil with a diameter of 12 mm. Available in three colours, matching with the colour of notebooks.

Refill 018

  • A timeless calendar with weekly vertical basis, there is no printed dates on the paper. We can complete it with whole year or just with chosen dates. One refill contain a space for 28 weeks.

Refill 019

  • A timeless calendar with weekly basis and empty space for notes. On the one side the refill contains a calendar, whereas on the other side space for notes. There is no printed dates, so we can use it as a simply calendar or just write chosen weeks of year. It will last for 28 weeks.

Refill 020

  • Pockets made of wax paper. Each of side contains two pockets, one of them is small and the other one is big. They may use for storing tickets, cards, pieces of paper and receipts.

Refill 021

  • The set of rubber bands which let you pin another accessories and refills. In one set you can find four rubbers, two black and two brown.

Refill 022

  • A set of self-adhesive cards of posting notes type. In the set you can find 8 different sizes of 30 cards, so 240 cards in total.

Refill 023

  • Self-adhesive pockets of business card size. In one set you can find 18 pockets, that may be glued to the inner part of the cover or directly to one of refills. Because of the size of pockets, they can be also used in passport size Traveler’s Notebook.

This are all designed refills, but there are another possibilities of personalisation of Traveler’s Notebook. If you want, you can create your own refill, with completely different inside. To do so, a specially prepared by Traveler’s  Notebook team maps, calendars and measurement converter may be helpful. You can download it here in pdf file.

If something is still not clear to you, we encourage you to ask us in comments. In that way, the responses may be also useful for others 😀

10th Anniversary of Traveler’s Notebook!

It’s 10 years now when the Japanese Traveler’s Notebook came into being. As the producers say, it was 10 years of full of inspiration meetings, talks and journeys.

It is amazing how this notebook won our hearts around the world. Every year there is more and more users and producers try to surprise them with new ideas. On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of Traveler’s Notebook producers created the collection of mini notebooks.

Besides brown and black, producers introduced a new colour – CAMEL, that will be a part of the offer in this spring!

Each of notebooks will be packed in a special tin. Inside you can find a brass hanger, a set of stickers and, of course, a miniature Traveler’s Notebook in the colour you choose.

The miniature collection available for sale in spring!

A presale will be a little bit earlier! 😉