How to choose a gift? – a guide how to overcome Christmas dilemma

To avoid stress caused by going Christams shopping last minute and look out the window for the courier isntead of the first star we would like to help in searching Christmast gifts at this very moment (it’s one of the ways to not go crazy)! It’s a common knowlegde that (not) the best Christmas gifts are socks! That’s why in Escribo we conducted research that will provide you with Christmas gifts ideas!

  • Traveler’s Notebook – beauty, simplicity and minimalism. Made from perfect leather beautifully ages over time, and becomes patina. A phenomenal thing is the fact, that there is a lot of different accessories and refills that can help you to brighten and customize your Traveler’s. Available in four colours and two sizes.
  • Fountain Pen – although for some of us a fountain pen still remaind school times, when writting was a duty, but fortunatelly this stereotype begins to go beyond the frimework. Short, full sized, light or heavy. Fountain pens are getting into favour, and due to huge range of possibilities in choosing models.
  • If you want to buy a gift to a perfon with artistic soul, the good idea is to giving a set of proffesional pencils in elegant, wooden box. Blackwing pencils were used by giftes artists and may become the inspiration for others.
  • To take control over mess on your desk but also make the person smile an ideal solution is the desk organiser WERKHAUS – cat, trabant, or mabye shoolbus?

  • When payment cards have been started to be used it became to be the most modern and most common way of payment. That’s for them SECRID created wallets, that guarantees better protection of your privacy and money.
  • A photo album can become a beggining of beautyful tradition. Taking photos is nothing new, but as the cifrization develops we often forget how pleasant is to sit down and see photos of interesting adventures. If you want to think back the most beautiful moments in Christmas atmosphere give ICONIC album to your dear friend, or maybye fill it by yourself?

The Third Edition Of Fountain Pen Day in Poland

The third edition of Fountain Pen Day in Poland, organized by us in collaboration with Amex is comming up! This will be the biggest festival of fountain pens, paper, nibs, pencils and any analog item!

This year, Fountain Pen Day will take place on 17th of November 2018 at 10:00 – 19:00 in National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw located in 1 Kredytowa Street.

As in case of previous editions, this event will be full of different attractions, such as exhibitions, premieres, calligraphy workshops and fairs.

However, this what is the most important, Fountain Pen Day is the only chance to meet the best stationery shops in one place.

Join us and let’s celebrate together the third edition of Fountain Pen Day!

See you in Warsaw!



The competition – “My Own Traveler’s Notebook”

We have praising Traveler’s Notebook so many times before and some of you may start even thinking that we are obsessed with it. Those of you, who have already met us, know that it is true 😀

We succeed to spread this obsession through many of you. We are really proud that we have a very loyal group of users of Traveler’s Notebook, who appreciate the idea, quality and manufacturing of this product, and also enjoy customizing their dream notebook. Looking for two similar notebooks is a waste of time, because as many owners, as many ideas how to customize it. We are quite sure about it, because during workshops and other meetings we have seen so much of them, and all are very unique! This is why we come up with the idea of a competition named
“My Traveler’s Notebook”!

Rules are very simple: open your own TN on the page you like the most, grab your camera or smartphone and take a picture. Then, publish it on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag with hashtag #otomojTN. You can also sent a picture by e-mail on following address

We will wait for pictures until the end of August. On 10th of September our reliable Jury will choose three photos and the winners will get prices: the accessory  from the original Traveler’s Factory (available in Japan only!) and two vouchers with the value of 100 and 50 PLN.

All of participants will get everlasting glory and admiration, because we are going to create album on our Facebook account and blog site with pictures of yours. Maybe, it will become inspiration for other users 😊

Don’t worry, Jury will not evaluate your photographic skills!
Good time and love for Traveler’s Notebook is what count the most!

What to buy for a teacher? The list of the best and the worst graduation presents.

Like every year, a lot of students and their parents face with the problem what gift buy to a teacher at the end of the semester. In moments like these, all our ideas in our heads disappear as if by magic, and they are replaced by black hole accompanied with despair and doubt. We all have been there, right?

That’s why, this year, based on our experience, we asked befriended teachers which gifts make them happy, and which make them uncomfortable. Based on their answers we made a list of the best and the worst gifts that we would like to share it with you.

List of the worst gifts: 

cups and mugs


frames and candles


Cups and mugs are on the top of the worst gift list. Some of teachers have a pretty huge collection of not up to pair mugs and cups, which they do not use. Jewellery is also not the best solution, because it is hard to decide what a person likes. Teachers claim that this type of present, also makes them feel uncomfortable. All kinds of decoration, such as frames, or candles, as well as cosmetics, are not considered as a good idea.

List of the best gifts: 


live plants

nice pen

good coffee and tea

gift cards

Teachers say that, if we necessary want to make them a present, lets buy interested books referring to the teacher’s subject, or live plants, that will revive a classroom. A good idea is always a nice pen with engravened tiny message. We should not forget that teachers also like good quality coffee and tea. Gifs cards to bookstores and stationery shops are becoming more and more popular, and teachers admit that this kind of present could make them happy.

Caran D’Ache and carwer

But they emphasise that even the most sophisticated and perfect graduation present does not have the same value as the card written by pupils, or a souvenir photograph. One of a teacher told us, that one year she got a nice, hard covered notebook in which her pupils wrote poems, memories and words of thanks. She emphasises, that this is the present that she will always remember. In such a situation even the most adamant PE teacher will be touched 😊

10th Anniversary of MD Notebook!

It’s 10 years passed since the first MD notebook was introduced.

Such an anniversary needs special setting and from this occasion Midori designed limited collection of notebooks and accessories.

In the collection we can find ten notebooks in unique layouts such as dots, lines and grid with wide margin, and graph paper.

Of course, each notebook was designed to perform a specific function, but despite from that the Midori gives us freedom in which the limit is our imagination.

Special notebooks need special accessories, thus in new limited collection we can find also Cordoba Paper Covers in two unique shades of brown.

Another novelty are colour pencils, with soft graphite as in colouring pencils, which can be easily removed with eraser.

To see all 10th Limited Edition Products click here.

February comes to end, but it is not the end of surprises.
Soon you will get to know about new items, which were made in Traveler’s Factory.


Accessories for Bullet Journal

Very often we hear the question what to use to make our bullet journal more colorful and intersting. And to enjoy the way we create it.

We know how important is this case, and we treat it with respect. Thus we prepare three tips that you may find useful making your bullet journal.

1.More color!

Everyone has its own strictly define system. But sometimes we may lost somewhere between bullets and dashes, thus it can a good idea to distinguish events and meetings and circle them with a color marker. For example, to use one color for meetings, and another  for tasks, and yet another one for important things. In this case, markers can be find very helpful, but not those in agressive colors, because they distract our attention, and this is not the point. We use ICONIC 2Way Pen – they are available in three sets of colors: Deco, Pastel and Retro. The last one is our favourite! 🙂

For those of you, who want to add some drawings to their BOJO, we recommend Akashiya Sai brush pens. Those are perfect for caligrapfhy but also for drawing and painting. When you mix it with water they create a beautiful effect of watercolors.


2 Way Retro Pen

Akashyia Sai Brush Pens

2.Stickers are good for everything

Did you make a mistake? Did you have to change your plans and cross your notes? No worries! We have a rule that if we make a mistake, we just sick a colorful mt tape or a sticker on it. But mt tapes and stickers are a perfect idea to mark an important event, birthday or trip. In this case, Midori Seal Collection are just perfect. Available in differet motifs – with words (Anniversary, Birthday, Coffee), sweet gnoms that shows moods or sleepy heads.

Mt tape Hearts

Midori Seal Collection Stickers

ICONIC coloring deco pack

Markers and book darts are must-have of every notebook, as well as of bullet journal. If you use a lot of them, a good solution may be discrete and as thin as a paper, metal Book Darts. Colorful sticky markers are also nice. With cactus and animal markers for sure nothing will go unnoticed.

Book Darts

Midori Bookmarks


We cannot forget about the most basic accessory which is a good ruler. For us, the fundamental criterion is durability. A ruler should be resiistant to different accidents (falls, breaks and cracks). The Midori wooden ruler has all these features. What is more, it has a laser engraved scale ensures that the ruler does not fade over time.

If you are looking for brass accessories, it is worth to see the Traveler’s Company Brass collection. You will find rulers, alphabet and number markers, which are very interesting and practical solution.

You can also find helpful a pocket glue tape and compact scissors, when you would like to glue some tickets or photos. Midori XS collection offers a wide range of really handful accessories that can be packed even to the smallest pen case.

Midori Wooden Ruler

Travele’s Company bookmark alphabet

Midori XS scissors

On the iternet you can find a lot of BOJO inspirations. So, we have nothing else to do, but just start creating our bullet journal!

2018 Diaries Review – MD Diary

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And, indeed, this is so, because minimalism gives us space to experience all that comes to us every day, this is a recipe for a beautiful life.

If you are also a fan of minimalism – MD calendars will surely be your favorite!

Calendars are based on well-known MD notebooks. It combines everything, the same classic design, the highest quality paper and format. MD calendars can be divided into two groups – those on a monthly basis and those on a daily basis.

Calendars in a monthly layout is really a 2 in 1 calendar because it combines planner and notepad. In terms of format choice is really wide, we can choose between A4, A5, A6 and Slim. Inside on the first two pages we can find the annual calendar for 2017 and 2018, the next 26 pages occupy a monthly calendar. Up to 26 pages, because one month is printed on two pages, from December 2017 to January 2019. The other 167 pages are notepad in line (135 pages) and blank(32 pages). The calendar, like the notebooks, is sewn, framed in a creamy cover made of thin cardboard, and the back is reinforced with a muslin mesh to which is attached an orange satin bookmark. The enormous advantage is that calendars in any format spread out flat anywhere, so that the comfort of writing is even greater. It is also important that, despite so many pages, the calendar does not really take up much space. It is exceptionally handy and can easily fit in the most stuffed bag or backpack.

However, the daily calendar, it’s a bit bigger. It has 415 pages and just like in the previous calendar, we find here an annual and monthly calendar. 385 pages is a daily calendar in which one page corresponds to one day. We will not find the date printed, we need to type it by hand, which has its advantages. Sometimes it happens that when we are on vacation or during holidays we do not record as much as the rest of the days. An interesting solution is to divide the pages in half, where one part is in line and has printed hours from 8 to 24, while the other is blank. This solution gives us total freedom to organize our place and in no way limits our creativity. Because the calendar is much thicker, it requires a solid cover – made of PVC material, which makes it also spread flat and additionally protects it from unexpected accidents at work (we all poured coffee on a calendar ever). Two satin orange and red bookmarks will help us control our notes.

If your traditional notepad calendars are not enough for you, because you work a lot at your desk and like to check your schedule with a quick glance, a monthly MD calendar on desk will be perfect for you! It has a wide margin for taking notes and an additional four smooth pages. Midori leaves us free to use. With red strings we can put a calendar on your desk, or keep it flat.

But most importantly, all MD calendars are made from the finest quality paper. It is perfect for writing with a fountain pen, does not bleed or feather. It has an eye-catchy creamy color and gray lines. As you probably already know, the color of the paper and the line or the grid is of great importance to our eyes. With Midori’s color scheme, the eye does not tire so fast, so it’s faster for information. The manufacturing of MD paper itself is extremely interesting. It’s a real craft. You can find more information about it here.

In short, MD calendars are:

  • Best quality MD paper
  • Wide choice of formats
  • Satin bookmark
  • Timeless, minimalist design
  • Comfort of use

All MD products prove that beauty is in simplicity. However, the biggest advantage is that we have an absolute freedom. We can customize the calendar to our needs, to create this one, our unique, because we’ve got a great base. There is also a practical aspect, calendars MD are definitely one of the most clear and legible calendars. There is no unnecessary ‘supplement’ that only occupy valuable space.

MD calendar on a monthly basis can be found by clicking here and here, but on a daily basis here.



Each product has its own story, which consists of people and their experiences.

During our last trip to Japan, we found a product with definitely a such story!

Monokaki is a notebook shrouded in legend. It is said, that it is a tailor-made notebook, because it was made to the special order of the famous Japanese author Fumio Niwa.

In 1939 grandmother of the present owner of the company met in the café with his good friend Fumio Niwa. During the meeting, they talked about the fear of inevitably forthcoming war. Fumio Niwa was confided in the fear of the deficit of good writing paper. His words inspired other writers to create the perfect paper, which would be extremely thin, but at the same time, not feathering and not bleeding. It was supposed to be paper ideal for people that write with a fountain pen. That’s how Kotobukiya paper came into being.

Paper very quickly became a cult product. It is said that if you dream about winning the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, you should start writing for this paper, because it guarantees victory. Proof of this are Yasunari Kawabata and Kenzaburo Oe, who received the prize in the year 1968 and 1994. Yet, another lover of this notebook Monokaki, Yukio Mishima was nominated three times to the same awards.

The cover of Monokaki notebook, which was to reflect the spirit of the Japanese atmosphere, was designed in the year 1940 by famous manga artist Ryo Takagi. The cover is made from paper that is called Echizen-washi. It is a traditional Japanese washi paper, which is produced in Manufaktura in Fukui consecutively from 1603.

The word Monokaki, which appears on the cover is a reference to the history of the emergence of Notepad. Literally, it means  a writer . Also in the graphics, you may notice characteristic writing instruments, such as the paint bucket tool, pen, pencil, oil lamp. All of these symbols may remind us in what situation did the idea for this notebook and to whom it was dedicated.

Consistently to this day, Monokaki notebooks are manufactured in the workshop in one of the districts of Asakusa in Tokyo. The manufactory was founded in the 1882 year and currently manages by Masuya family, who is the fourth generation of founders.

Manufactory at the end of 40’s.

Monokaki is another unique item with the soul, an interesting story, and high quality. If you want to find it, click here 🙂


Dream in Japanese culture

The Japanese always attach great importance to the symbols.

Dream is based largely on symbols, which from ages are interpreted in different ways.

In Japan dream is considered the basis of faith, in which it functions as a tool of the ritual of the sacrum. Dreams affect not only the people but also the gods. During sleep the soul leaves the body and moves on a journey beyond the barrier of the underworld. such dream experience develop Japanese spirituality.

In Japanese culture the first night, and the first night’s sleep in the new year plays especially important role. Because most Japanese celebrates the night of 31th of December to 1st of January, therefore it is that Hatsuyume, or first dream new year falls on January 2 according to the Gregorian calendar.

It is believed that good omens in this night are: Mount Fuji, the Eagle and the eggplant. There are many theories trying to explain why these and not other symbols predict happiness and success. One of them says that Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and symbolizes health. The Eagle is a wise and powerful bird, that means progress, development, while the word for eggplant in Japanese sounds like the word ‘nasu’ , whose literal meaning is ‘to achieve something great.’

Dream interpretation is very important. There are cautionary, prophetic dreams, and dreams that repeat themselves. Special attention to the Japanese is ascribed to dreams about insects. On the basis of such dreams, extensive lexicons about their role as dreamy and ritual, because some of them may symbolize the miracle, disaster or success.

A very long time ago in Japan there was established a beautiful tradition of the pursuit of the dream chronicles. Today the Japanese lead dream books, because they do not want to miss anything of their mind, and each symbol has its meaning.

If you like to dream and you want to see what your dreams mean, or simply if you like to store the creations your imagination, then you might want to check out a proposal from Midori. Brand when designing a diary refers to the Japanese tradition of dreams. The cover bears the motif of owls, which, in turn, means happiness.

Traveler’s Notebook in travel around Poland!

Traveler’s Notebook is primarily about travel. What if Traveler’s Notebook wil travel around Poland?

Last year to celebrate the 10th birthday of the traveler’s Notebook we came up with the idea to fill one of the traveler’s notebook Notebook wishes and greetings from us fans and users of this notebook, and then give the team traveler’s Company in Japan. We already have a few entries, all beautiful and inspiring, and most importantly, show a part of each of us.

Because we want it to be the only one unique Traveler’s Notebook, we would like to invite you to a common, and at the same time have fun.


On the basis of well known game “pass it forward”. We will send the notebook to one person, who will do an entry and next this person pass is forward to another one. It is important that the notebook will be constantly on the move, and visit as many places in Poland as possible, but notice – we have only a month for making it happen.

Each of persons will have maximum 3 days for making an entry. Inside you can write a poem, sketch, pictures, literally everything what your imagination tells you and everything what you want to share with. There is a lot of space. We have all three refills for disposal: kraft paper, MD paper and sketching paper.

The Traveler’s will be packed in a box, which will be used for next shipping. Each of participants have to pay for the shipping and packaging. In this game, every participant will be given 20 pln for shopping in our e-shop.

A such made by you Notebook we will take to Japan where we will give it to Traveler’s Company team.

The surprises don’t stop there!

Apart from that we will together create only one, unique notebook, of all entries we will draw by lot entry, which will be awarded. This person will win a shopping voucher in Escribo in amount of 200 pln.

To start the fun we have to create a list of people who want to take part in it.

From today (18.05.2017) we accept the notification email address: In this notification, you should put your first and last name, and address. Then, we will sent you back futher instructions.