Book Darts

Those of you who had a chance to ever met us, knows that sometimes we suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. It is revealed that all of the cards in the notebook must have a perfect gid, or lines, sewing in every pencil case must be ideal, and mt tape or sticker on the calendar must be glued precisely (just must!;)) So imagine the frustration when in autumn evenings, when you can hear the raindrops falling on the windows, go to their favorite place at home, equipped with a warm blanket, hot tea and a favorite book, stop reading, and we want to mark the place where we finished reading, but all the bookmark simply are not designed for us. Do not match, break pages or are lost very often. After many attempts of looking for the right one, we found Book Darts.

Those inconspicious piece of metal appeal to us! They are incredibly thin, like a piece of paper, a discreet and very handy. The biggest advantage is that it does not in any way damage the paper. You can use several at the same time, and the book still looks aesthetically pleasing.

The inventor of the Book Darts bookmarks is a former teacher, Bob Williams, who along with his wife Jeanette have created for their own students, to make the organizing of notes easier and at the same time extend the life of books. He wanted his students to share their discoveries during reading, but in the same time not to write on pages of the book with a pencil or highlighter.

At the beginning of the making of a single bookmark required five movements using as many as three tools. Everything was made by hand in the basement in their home. Bookmarks made a splash, and soon many satisfied parents return to Bob asking for more. And during the Christmas period, interest was so great that the basement was not enough.

It is no wonder that the Book Darts have gained fans around the world. They are made of the brass, stainless steel and bronze . The triangle end is a very original solution, which directly indicates an important place at the book.


Poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Henry Splawn Taylor, when asked about the  Book Darts, said:

“At first I thought they were silly–I couldn‘t see any purpose–, but then I started using them in library copies of Greek plays I was translating, and now I need some more. I used a bushel of them just doing Electra”

And what do you think about the Book Darts? 🙂

Book Darts set of 12 pieces

Book Darts set of 18 pieces

Book Darts Tin 30 pieces