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Blackwing Vol. 10

The Investigative Journalism Pencil A tribute to Nellie Bly and investigative journalists like her. In 1887, Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World tasked Nellie Bly, a yet unknown journalist, with investigating the insane asylum on New York’s Blackwell’s Island. She was asked to look into the conditions of the asylum and “write up things as you find them, good or bad.” She did so the best way she knew, by getting herself committed for ten days. TheCzytaj dalej


How to choose a gift? – a guide how to overcome Christmas dilemma

To avoid stress caused by going Christams shopping last minute and look out the window for the courier isntead of the first star we would like to help in searching Christmast gifts at this very moment (it’s one of the ways to not go crazy)! It’s a common knowlegde that (not) the best Christmas gifts are socks! That’s why in Escribo we conducted research that will provide you with Christmas gifts ideas! Traveler’s Notebook –Czytaj dalej


The Third Edition Of Fountain Pen Day in Poland

The third edition of Fountain Pen Day in Poland, organized by us in collaboration with Amex is comming up! This will be the biggest festival of fountain pens, paper, nibs, pencils and any analog item! This year, Fountain Pen Day will take place on 17th of November 2018 at 10:00 – 19:00 in National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw located in 1 Kredytowa Street. As in case of previous editions, this event will be full ofCzytaj dalej


What to buy for a teacher? The list of the best and the worst graduation presents.

Like every year, a lot of students and their parents face with the problem what gift buy to a teacher at the end of the semester. In moments like these, all our ideas in our heads disappear as if by magic, and they are replaced by black hole accompanied with despair and doubt. We all have been there, right? That’s why, this year, based on our experience, we asked befriended teachers which gifts make themCzytaj dalej


10th Anniversary of MD Notebook!

It’s 10 years passed since the first MD notebook was introduced. Such an anniversary needs special setting and from this occasion Midori designed limited collection of notebooks and accessories. In the collection we can find ten notebooks in unique layouts such as dots, lines and grid with wide margin, and graph paper. Of course, each notebook was designed to perform a specific function, but despite from that the Midori gives us freedom in which theCzytaj dalej


2018 Diaries Review – ICONIC

At the end of 2018 Diaries Review we prepered for you the real hit – ICONIC Diaries 2018. ICONIC has a gift for creating products that are unique in every detail, unusually practical and durable. Starting from pencil cases, ballpoint pens and ending on notebooks – everything is just beautiful! In this year we are pleased to introduce to our offer a collection of diaries and planners. It was not an easy task for usCzytaj dalej


Blackwing Vol. 16.2

Imagination at work. From an early age, Ada Lovelace, the only child of Romantic poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Milbanke, showed an adeptness for mathematics and an uncanny ability to make creative connections between seemingly disparate things and ideas. She described this ability as “the Discovering Faculty,” and it was a gift she put to use in a way that would help shape the future of human civilization. In 1843, while translating an articleCzytaj dalej

Traveler's Company

Traveler’s Notebook – how to choose refills?

Traveler’s Notebook is the most frequently chosen notebook from our offer.  From comments we know that it is loved because it leaves the choice, is individual and nobody tells us what and where we should have. There are plenty of refills as well as questions about them. Because of that, we decided to create this guide and describe how a particular refill can be used. Clicking on a refill’s name let you transfer directly toCzytaj dalej


Because dreams have to be fulfilled!

Today is the day when one of our dreams came true. Dreams, because this is not another business project nor the next step of the development of our firm. When somebody ask if it will repay or if we will have any customers? We came to the conclusion that there is only one answer to all questions – NO! Because, who counts fulfilling dreams? We certainly not! Today, 9th of December we opened our PapieroweCzytaj dalej


Blackwing – the story of the most expensive pencil in the world

The fame of Blackwing pencils is a phenomenon, and their story is worthy to be told. Although in Poland Blackwings were not as popular as in USA, we decided to introduce you this brand and make it available in our offer. Blackwing had its ups and downs, what surprisingly became its greatest success over time. But, let us go back to the beginning. The story of Blackwing pencil starts in 1930, when Eberhard Faber companyCzytaj dalej