Blackwing Volume 4

The Mars Pencil

If in 2019 you are goint go reach the Mars, we have something that you cannot

A Tribute to the Mars 2020 Rover Mission and the Boundless Reaches of the Human Imagination.

In 2020, NASA will send a rover to Mars to search for evidence of ancient Martian life while testing technologies for future human expeditions.
While the engineering designs for the rover and its various instruments are finalized in CAD, its revolutionary robotic arm and zoom-enabled cameras – the first of their kind to be sent to another planet – were first conceptualized in drawings by the team at Motiv Space Systems using Blackwing pencils.

Earlier this year, Motiv delivered their assemblies based on these drawings to begin integration onto the rover. In 2020, they will join the Wright brothers’ wrapping paper sketches and Katherine Johnson’s brilliant calculations as examples of the pencil’s ability to help us reach the sky, space and beyond.

The Blackwing 4 is a tribute to Mars and the upcoming rover mission. It features a rust-colored lacquer and sand-textured finish inspired by the surface of the fourth planet. It also features our first ever bronze ferrule, a cream imprint and eraser, and our soft graphite.

You can purchase new limited edition of Blackwing pencils, clicking here.

How to choose a gift? – a guide how to overcome Christmas dilemma

To avoid stress caused by going Christams shopping last minute and look out the window for the courier isntead of the first star we would like to help in searching Christmast gifts at this very moment (it’s one of the ways to not go crazy)! It’s a common knowlegde that (not) the best Christmas gifts are socks! That’s why in Escribo we conducted research that will provide you with Christmas gifts ideas!

  • Traveler’s Notebook – beauty, simplicity and minimalism. Made from perfect leather beautifully ages over time, and becomes patina. A phenomenal thing is the fact, that there is a lot of different accessories and refills that can help you to brighten and customize your Traveler’s. Available in four colours and two sizes.
  • Fountain Pen – although for some of us a fountain pen still remaind school times, when writting was a duty, but fortunatelly this stereotype begins to go beyond the frimework. Short, full sized, light or heavy. Fountain pens are getting into favour, and due to huge range of possibilities in choosing models.
  • If you want to buy a gift to a perfon with artistic soul, the good idea is to giving a set of proffesional pencils in elegant, wooden box. Blackwing pencils were used by giftes artists and may become the inspiration for others.
  • To take control over mess on your desk but also make the person smile an ideal solution is the desk organiser WERKHAUS – cat, trabant, or mabye shoolbus?

  • When payment cards have been started to be used it became to be the most modern and most common way of payment. That’s for them SECRID created wallets, that guarantees better protection of your privacy and money.
  • A photo album can become a beggining of beautyful tradition. Taking photos is nothing new, but as the cifrization develops we often forget how pleasant is to sit down and see photos of interesting adventures. If you want to think back the most beautiful moments in Christmas atmosphere give ICONIC album to your dear friend, or maybye fill it by yourself?