Traveler’s Notebook – how to choose refills?

Traveler’s Notebook is the most frequently chosen notebook from our offer.  From comments we know that it is loved because it leaves the choice, is individual and nobody tells us what and where we should have.

There are plenty of refills as well as questions about them. Because of that, we decided to create this guide and describe how a particular refill can be used. Clicking on a refill’s name let you transfer directly to e-shop.

Are you ready? Let’s start from the bigger one of the Traveler’s Notebooks, called Regular.

Refill 001

  • One of the most popular, lined refill. Lines are separated with 6,4 mm spacing. Each of refill contains 64 pages of the famous MD paper, which perfectly works with ink.

Refill 002

  • Gridded refill with MD paper. Pewter grid of dimension 5 x 5 mm.

Refill 003

  • Plain refill, which we also can find in starter kit of Traveler’s Notebook. MD paper.

Refill 004

  • Refill in which we can find 3 self-adhesive pockets, made of PVC. It may be glued to the inner part of the cover or directly to one of refills. Glue is very strong. Because of the size of pockets, they can be also used in passport size Traveler’s Notebook.

Refill 006

  • The refill is a self-adhesive pocket that can accommodate for example a sheet of paper of A4 format folded into thirds. Additionally, the pocket has a cut, that was designed for storing cards. Glue is very strong, so we can stick the refill to the inner part of the cover as well.

Refill 007

  • A set of 12 silicon pockets for cards. Perfect for storing tickets, stamps and small pieces of paper.

Refill 008

  • Absolutely must-have in every journey! A silicon pocket with zip closure form the one side and ordinary, slipped pocket on the other. It will store safety foreign money, a passport or tickets. The pocket is also very practical in every day usage, especially if we like collect pieces of paper, cards and receipts.

Refill 009

  • Known as reparative refill. Precisely, it is a set of rubber bands to exchange primary rubber bands and rest that hold the whole notebook. We will not need this refill for the several months of usage of this notebook.

Refill 010

  • The set of double-sided stickers of different size. If you plan to collect tickets, or maybe receipts and  stamps, then this refill is perfect for you. Of course, we can live without it, using simple double-sided tape instead.

Refill 011

  • It can be misleading to name it a refill, because in fact it is a binder/folder. We can put into it already written refills, which we don’t want to take with us, or calendars from previous years as well.

Refill 012

  • The refill for sketching and drawing. Due to thicker paper, this refill is also perfect for water painting. There is a perforation on every page, so we can tear pages with our drawings. This refills contains 48 pages.

Refill 013

  • The refill with ultra-thick paper, which perfectly work with ink, don’t fray and imprint. Enthusiasts of fountain pens and thick paper will love this refill. It contains 128 pages.

Refill 014

  • The refill with craft paper, which means with grey paper, that will be a perfect basis for gluing souvenirs from journeys. Also perfect for sketching and drawing. Contains 64 pages.

Refill 015

  • A penholder of S size, the smallest one. We put only the clips of fountain pen or pen inside the penholder, not the whole writing instrument. Available in three colours, matching with the colour of notebooks.

Refill 016

  • A penholder of M size is the biggest one. It accommodate a fountain pen, pen or pencil with a diameter of 12 mm. Available in three colours, matching with the colour of notebooks.

Refill 018

  • A timeless calendar with weekly vertical basis, there is no printed dates on the paper. We can complete it with whole year or just with chosen dates. One refill contain a space for 28 weeks.

Refill 019

  • A timeless calendar with weekly basis and empty space for notes. On the one side the refill contains a calendar, whereas on the other side space for notes. There is no printed dates, so we can use it as a simply calendar or just write chosen weeks of year. It will last for 28 weeks.

Refill 020

  • Pockets made of wax paper. Each of side contains two pockets, one of them is small and the other one is big. They may use for storing tickets, cards, pieces of paper and receipts.

Refill 021

  • The set of rubber bands which let you pin another accessories and refills. In one set you can find four rubbers, two black and two brown.

Refill 022

  • A set of self-adhesive cards of posting notes type. In the set you can find 8 different sizes of 30 cards, so 240 cards in total.

Refill 023

  • Self-adhesive pockets of business card size. In one set you can find 18 pockets, that may be glued to the inner part of the cover or directly to one of refills. Because of the size of pockets, they can be also used in passport size Traveler’s Notebook.

This are all designed refills, but there are another possibilities of personalisation of Traveler’s Notebook. If you want, you can create your own refill, with completely different inside. To do so, a specially prepared by Traveler’s  Notebook team maps, calendars and measurement converter may be helpful. You can download it here in pdf file.

If something is still not clear to you, we encourage you to ask us in comments. In that way, the responses may be also useful for others 😀

Because dreams have to be fulfilled!

Today is the day when one of our dreams came true. Dreams, because this is not another business project nor the next step of the development of our firm.

When somebody ask if it will repay or if we will have any customers? We came to the conclusion that there is only one answer to all questions – NO!

Because, who counts fulfilling dreams? We certainly not!

Today, 9th of December we opened our Papierowe Atelier. We did not call it a shop for a reason – we do not consider it as a shop.

Papierowe Atelier is our Home. This is a place when we want invite lovers of paper, clips, pencils, fountain pens and ink. Invite you to watch together photos from journeys, in which we look for notebooks, touching paper, trying nibs and ink, smelling covers and viewing catalogues.

This will be a place when we could meet and talk about our common mania!

We hope that you will visit us!

We invite you to Papierowe Atelier!

Blackwing – the story of the most expensive pencil in the world

The fame of Blackwing pencils is a phenomenon, and their story is worthy to be told.

Although in Poland Blackwings were not as popular as in USA, we decided to introduce you this brand and make it available in our offer. Blackwing had its ups and downs, what surprisingly became its greatest success over time. But, let us go back to the beginning.

The story of Blackwing pencil starts in 1930, when Eberhard Faber company introduces it on the market. The founder of the company – John Eberhard Faber is a member of a famous Bavarian Faber family. Today the Faber family owns the empire of Faber-Castell. Although it may seem paradoxical, the most famous pencil does not belong to Faber-Castell company. The Eberhard Faber company change its owners many times. Despite the fact that from the very beginning Blackwing is valued among artists and writers, in 1998 the decision about ceasing production is made.

In shops the pencils are out of stock very fast. People buy Blackwings on the off-chance. The residues, that left on the retail market reaches exorbitant price – 40 dollars per one item! In consequence, it becomes both the best and the most expensive wooden pencil in the entire world.

Blackwing is surrounded in legend, and despite ceasing production, the demand for this pencils constantly rises.

When artists and writers begin to notice the similarity of quality between Blackiwng and Palomino pencils, the request for the attempt to resume the production of Blackwing is made.

Charles Berlozheimer, the founder and CEO of Palomino company, uses his contacts and pace on the market, and originally reproduces only the famous Blackwing 602 pencil. Shortly after that, he expands the selling offer with the most firm graphite pencil – Blackwing Pearl and Blackwing, as well as with fancy easers which give the individual character of your pencil.

The highest quality lead and replaceable eraser – these are characteristic features of Blackwing, which are valued by many artists in the entire world.

Blackwings were used by, among others: John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein, and also Chuck Jones, an animation director who, with the help of this pencil, created Bugs Bunny and another characters of Looney Tunes.

What will your Blackwing look like? And what will you create with it?

#blackwing #ołówki #palomino

Good morning Escribo!

Escribo develops. We are very pleased that we can share our passion and love for paper with so many of you. Development of our shop and an impressive correspondence with our customers convinced us that we are ready for creating a place that allows for exchange of thoughts and stories connected with notebooks, paper and writing instruments.

On this blog we will currently inform you about novelties in our shop and our plans for future.

We prepared for you a lot of amazing stories about our paper journeys to terrific places and about our meetings with extraordinary people.

We hope that this blog become a meeting place where we will have the opportunity to know you better. We would like to tempt you to share with some of your stories. Some of them, because the most beautiful ones is better to write down on a paper. And due to Escribo bringing them back becomes much more pleasant.

Newsletter – an unanswered letter

The writing of letters and postcards probably brings me more pleasure than persons to whom I write. I am not even discouraged by the fact, that every year during my holidays I send approximately 50 postcards and I receive just 2 (TWO) of them! Choosing postcards, the color of ink and appropriate content could be my only holiday activity. In May, during my last holiday, I wrote postcards for my companion! Am I addicted? Am I desperate? I have no clue, this is who I am.

But what exactly my mania have to do with a newsletter? Well, usually nobody answers for newsletters. Nay, it is a success if somebody reads them! Newsletters are kind of today’s nightmare. We receive as many of them, that even those really uncomplaining ones, trying to get through their e-mail box, lose their patience. Very often, newsletters have no value for the reader, of course excluding these entitled “You are beautiful”, “Hello darling”, “Did you miss me?” – I always read these! Always. One thing is certain, newsletters is an evil! At least, it was what I thought.

Recently, however, we noticed in Escribo that more and more customers sign up to a newsletter, that we never sent (because it is a pure evil). So, we came up with the idea to link our love for writing postcards and letters with a newsletter, and try to dispel their bad fame.

What you can find in our newsletter?

  • Information about new brands which we will import to Poland
  • Links to hidden tabs with presale of new products and limited editions
  • Plans of our paper journeys, as well as trade fair across Poland, in which we take part in
  • Discount codes for chosen collections

The first newsletter are going to your e-mail boxes today! According to the plan, we will sent to you two newsletters every month, meaningfully and without bloviate. So, we will do that if we only have something to write about.

All of you who joined to our newsletter during creating an account, will get it automatically, the rest of you can look here:


I hope, that you will like the newsletter, and you will wait for it! 🙂

Who knows, maybe even someone will write me back!? 😉

Kind regards!