Accessories for Bullet Journal

Very often we hear the question what to use to make our bullet journal more colorful and intersting. And to enjoy the way we create it.

We know how important is this case, and we treat it with respect. Thus we prepare three tips that you may find useful making your bullet journal.

1.More color!

Everyone has its own strictly define system. But sometimes we may lost somewhere between bullets and dashes, thus it can a good idea to distinguish events and meetings and circle them with a color marker. For example, to use one color for meetings, and another  for tasks, and yet another one for important things. In this case, markers can be find very helpful, but not those in agressive colors, because they distract our attention, and this is not the point. We use ICONIC 2Way Pen – they are available in three sets of colors: Deco, Pastel and Retro. The last one is our favourite! 🙂

For those of you, who want to add some drawings to their BOJO, we recommend Akashiya Sai brush pens. Those are perfect for caligrapfhy but also for drawing and painting. When you mix it with water they create a beautiful effect of watercolors.


2 Way Retro Pen

Akashyia Sai Brush Pens

2.Stickers are good for everything

Did you make a mistake? Did you have to change your plans and cross your notes? No worries! We have a rule that if we make a mistake, we just sick a colorful mt tape or a sticker on it. But mt tapes and stickers are a perfect idea to mark an important event, birthday or trip. In this case, Midori Seal Collection are just perfect. Available in differet motifs – with words (Anniversary, Birthday, Coffee), sweet gnoms that shows moods or sleepy heads.

Mt tape Hearts

Midori Seal Collection Stickers

ICONIC coloring deco pack

Markers and book darts are must-have of every notebook, as well as of bullet journal. If you use a lot of them, a good solution may be discrete and as thin as a paper, metal Book Darts. Colorful sticky markers are also nice. With cactus and animal markers for sure nothing will go unnoticed.

Book Darts

Midori Bookmarks


We cannot forget about the most basic accessory which is a good ruler. For us, the fundamental criterion is durability. A ruler should be resiistant to different accidents (falls, breaks and cracks). The Midori wooden ruler has all these features. What is more, it has a laser engraved scale ensures that the ruler does not fade over time.

If you are looking for brass accessories, it is worth to see the Traveler’s Company Brass collection. You will find rulers, alphabet and number markers, which are very interesting and practical solution.

You can also find helpful a pocket glue tape and compact scissors, when you would like to glue some tickets or photos. Midori XS collection offers a wide range of really handful accessories that can be packed even to the smallest pen case.

Midori Wooden Ruler

Travele’s Company bookmark alphabet

Midori XS scissors

On the iternet you can find a lot of BOJO inspirations. So, we have nothing else to do, but just start creating our bullet journal!

2018 Diaries Review – ICONIC

At the end of 2018 Diaries Review we prepered for you the real hit – ICONIC Diaries 2018.

ICONIC has a gift for creating products that are unique in every detail, unusually practical and durable. Starting from pencil cases, ballpoint pens and ending on notebooks – everything is just beautiful!

In this year we are pleased to introduce to our offer a collection of diaries and planners. It was not an easy task for us to decide which one we should choose, because we would like to have them all!

Without any doubt, the thing that differentiates ICONIC are colourful covers and patterns, to which you cannot be indifferent, as well as paper with basis weight of 100g/m2, that is just perfect for writing with a ballpointpen or pencil.

Recently, ICONIC Mello Diary which combines both a weekly diary and planner quickly has gained popularuty.

It consists of 192 pages in which we will find a year calendar for 2018 and 2019 (a pages), year planner (2 pages), monthly planner (26 pages), weekly calendar (116 pages), plain pages for notes (18 pages), and gridded pages (18 pages), as well as world map and Korea map.

Weekly calendar is divided into seven sections, one per one day.

ICONIC Mellow Diary has hard cover made of synthetic leather that is closed with elastic rubber band.

Inside we can find additional pocket for storing notes and ribbon bookmark.

Despite diaries in a form of notebook, ICONIC also desk planners.

ICONIC 2018 Desk Scheduler in monthly basis consists of 14 sheets of calendar, form November 2017 to December 2018.

Scheduler on the one side is a monthly planer, with empty boxes, where you can jot down a piece of important information, meeting or phone call that you have to on a particular day, whereas on the other side, you can find a simple, common calendar.

The stad is made of durable, thick paper that ensure the scheduler stands stable.

ICONIC 2018 Desk Scheduler is must-have gadget of every office!

ICONIC Diaries:

  • 192 pages, divided into annual calendar for 2018 and 2019, an annual planner, monthly planner, weekly schedule with one week on two pages, and empty pages for notes.
  • Colourful covers made of synthetic leather
  • Paper with basis weight of 100g/m2

You can find ICONIC Mellow Diary in our shop just clicking here, and Desk Scheduler – here.


Blackwing Vol. 12.6

Imagination at work.

From an early age, Ada Lovelace, the only child of Romantic poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Milbanke, showed an adeptness for mathematics and an uncanny ability to make creative connections between seemingly disparate things and ideas. She described this ability as “the Discovering Faculty,” and it was a gift she put to use in a way that would help shape the future of human civilization.

In 1843, while translating an article on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine computer, the Countess of Lovelace wrote her own thoughts and notes on the machine. These notes dwarfed the original article and contained what many consider to be the first complete computer program. Ada envisioned the future of such a machine, including its potential use for the creation of music, earning her the present-day title of “The Prophet of the Computer Age.”

The Blackwing 16.2 is a tribute to mathematician, writer and visionary Ada Lovelace.

The pencil features a matte white finish and matte black ferrule inspired by the simple styling of early personal computers.

It features our firm graphite formulation ideal for both writing and mathematics.

The number 16.2 is a nod to the Analytical Engine’s storage capacity of 16.2 kB (0.00005% the storage of the average smartphone) and the backside of each pencil bears a binary pattern stamp of Ada’s initials AAL, the same initials she used to sign her work.

Mt tape ideas

During one of the stationery events, when we introduced our novelty – Mt tapes, a client did not believe in possibilities they have. This was the moment when he threw down a challenge to us “if you dare to stick them in a car?” Because any challenge is not horrifying to us, the effects came very quickly. In August the volunteer appeared – Fiat 500. Two days later, in the sunny evening, all Escribo team collected as much Mt tapes as could have held and started to stick tapes into the trunk.

The joy had no end! We were as happy as small children that get first paints in their life! We all agreed that we use tapes in different patterns to create something like patchwork. In effect on the trunk appeared flowers, leaves, colorful stripes and dots, and of course cats! Exactly! There must have been cats!

We knew a lot about Mt tape. We use them in our notebooks, calendars, pens, and even for decorating bigger objects like pieces of furniture. However, we had never used them for outdoor objects. Thus, we had some concerns: if it will look good? Will tape become dirty soon? What if the whole work will go by the board because of rain?

If we make it? Definitely yes! The car was decorated 4 months ago. The effect is still very good. We will not hide, that mt tapes are a little dirty, but it is acceptable. Fiat survived raindrops and four visits in car wash without any damage! All of you, who visit Fountain Pen Day in Warsaw 18th of August could admire our masterpiece. All of you, who miss the chance – do not worry! Our work was documented by Edyta Dufaj. Just watch a movie below.

You can find the original Mt tapes here (click)

Book Darts

Those of you who had a chance to ever met us, knows that sometimes we suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. It is revealed that all of the cards in the notebook must have a perfect gid, or lines, sewing in every pencil case must be ideal, and mt tape or sticker on the calendar must be glued precisely (just must!;)) So imagine the frustration when in autumn evenings, when you can hear the raindrops falling on the windows, go to their favorite place at home, equipped with a warm blanket, hot tea and a favorite book, stop reading, and we want to mark the place where we finished reading, but all the bookmark simply are not designed for us. Do not match, break pages or are lost very often. After many attempts of looking for the right one, we found Book Darts.

Those inconspicious piece of metal appeal to us! They are incredibly thin, like a piece of paper, a discreet and very handy. The biggest advantage is that it does not in any way damage the paper. You can use several at the same time, and the book still looks aesthetically pleasing.

The inventor of the Book Darts bookmarks is a former teacher, Bob Williams, who along with his wife Jeanette have created for their own students, to make the organizing of notes easier and at the same time extend the life of books. He wanted his students to share their discoveries during reading, but in the same time not to write on pages of the book with a pencil or highlighter.

At the beginning of the making of a single bookmark required five movements using as many as three tools. Everything was made by hand in the basement in their home. Bookmarks made a splash, and soon many satisfied parents return to Bob asking for more. And during the Christmas period, interest was so great that the basement was not enough.

It is no wonder that the Book Darts have gained fans around the world. They are made of the brass, stainless steel and bronze . The triangle end is a very original solution, which directly indicates an important place at the book.


Poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Henry Splawn Taylor, when asked about the  Book Darts, said:

“At first I thought they were silly–I couldn‘t see any purpose–, but then I started using them in library copies of Greek plays I was translating, and now I need some more. I used a bushel of them just doing Electra”

And what do you think about the Book Darts? 🙂

Book Darts set of 12 pieces

Book Darts set of 18 pieces

Book Darts Tin 30 pieces


Blackwing Vol.1

The 1970s outlaw country movement that paved the way for what many now refer to as Americana music had many influences. Perhaps none were more important than legendary raconteur Guy Clark. He and his wife Susanna opened their Nashville home to generations of groundbreaking artists over the years, giving them a space to create and hone songs that broke down the walls mainstream country music had built.

Guy’s debut album “Old No. 1” is regarded as one of the most influential ever made. Rife with poetic mastery and extraordinary characters as raw as they are vivid, it introduced people to a new quality of songwriting fueled by authenticity and substance. Guy rejected a proven formula for airplay and stardom in favor of writing his mind and recording with acoustic instruments that allowed the stories to take center stage. Some of the world’s greatest musicians would go on to record his songs, and he even garnered a fan in Bob Dylan, who calls Guy one of his favorite songwriters.

The Blackwing 1 is a nod to Guy Clark and his perfectly imperfect style. Blackwing’s first round pencil, (Guy’s preference) features a matte grey washcoat finish that lets the wood grain show through and a “blue collar” eraser that pays tribute to Guy’s favorite blue shirt he wore, and wrote about, proudly. This edition has a balanced core that can produce the dark lines Guy felt committed his words to the page, while holding a firm enough point to get each letter of a lyric in its own square of graph paper – one of Guy’s many writing rituals.


All fans of perfect imperfection style can find Limited Edition Blackwing 1 here.

2018 Diary Review – Hobonichi Techo Planner

We remember when for the first time, exactly three years ago, Hobonichi calendar get into our hands. Of course, there were cries of joy, moments of a positive surprise, and moments in which we wondered how it exactly works.

But what fascinated us most is stunning precision with which the calendar was made. Everything from the cover, paper, printing and sewing is on tip top!

Hobonichi is the English version of Japanease Hobonichi Techo, who stole the hearts of Japanese people in 2001. Since then, is the undisputed number one among calendars. You can definitely say that this is a small calendar for great needs.

The English version was developed in collaboration with the famous Japanese designer and owner of the company Art & Science, Sonyą Park.

The calendar is available in A6 format, has up to 450 pages and weighs only 205 grams. There have been us unbelievers, that bravely count towards the page-by-page ifis it possible to so little item had so much pages. The whole secret lies in one of the best paper in the world-Tomoe River, which was used in the preduction of the calendar. The paper weight of Tomoe River is 52 g/m2. For example, one piece of paper Tomoe River weighs as much as 1/3 of the usual A4. The paper was used to print dictionaries and Bible. By his gentleness is very durable, ideal for writing with a pen. Importantly, the calendar opens flat anywhere.

Hobonichi on the front pages has a calendar on a monthly basis, and the next pages are a daily calendar with printed hours schedule, one page is one day. All the pages are in a black grid, which are made up by the tiny dots. With this system you can easily plan your day and make notes. Everything is the right amount of space. What’s more, each page on the bottom has a quote from the magazine Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun. There are quotes, humorous, but these touching, provocative thoughts.

Hobonichi is a product for those who value the highest quality, compact, but also are gadget lovers. All because each calendar has its own serial number, which makes it even more special. Another characteristic is that each year on the last pages of the calendar you will find information about Japan and the Japanese, each year more. About the topic chosen by the designers, we will get to know in the autumn.  There already had been information about Japanese cuisine, fauna and flora, beliefs and traditions, and this year we can read about the history of Japan, Christmas and we know the Japanese fairy tales.

Hobonichi calendars are available in the version with the cover, which also change every year. You can select the cover out of six exceptional colour connections. They are made of soft, high-strength polyester and two tabs, two pen holders and many pockets in different sizes where we can store important notes, receipts or tickets.

Hobonichi is a unique product. It is in a class of its own. Elegance and simplicity. Surely you will not find anywhere the same calendar, or even similar visually and qualitatively. We’ve heard often that users select Hobonichi, because, despite their tiny size, it leaves an incredible freedom and makes keeping the calendar a real pleasure, and I guess this is what matters in this all busy the madness of everyday life.

Hobonichi at a glance:
-a monthly and daily calendar basis
-the A6 format
-up to 450 pages of the brilliant paper Tomoe River
-durable cover
– compact
– each year, a different version
– serial number
-quotes on each page and information about Japan
-calendar with unique cover

NOTE: Hobonichi occurs in the English version.

To see the product in our store click here.


2018 Diaries Review – Traveler’s Notebook

Because of the fact that the Traveler’s Notebook in a very short time has become a cult product, and even the object of desire, it could not been omitted in our review cycle calendars. BecauseTraveler’s Notebook is more than a notebook…

If you’re wondering on buying this notebook, you may want to consider the option of calendar. The characteristic feature of a notebook is 2 mm cover of raw leather, which was handmade by local manufacturers in Chaing Mai in Tailandii. Its secret is the severity of the skin, which beautifully old and takes on a patina. Covers are available in three colors: camel, brown and black. Remarkable is that each cover behaves differently. It is affected by the environment and use, but we swear that we never saw two identical covers, and we’ve seen them quite a bit.

Covers are available in two sizes – Regular (220x120x10 mm) and a Passport Size (134x98x10 mm), although this choice is not simple. It all depends on individual needs, some prefer large, others small, and still others use both.

When it comes to calendars, in the case of regular size we have to choose three of them: weekly vertical weekly + memo and monthly.

In weekly vertical calenndar you can find annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, in which the two sides are four months, and weekly calendar vertical. Total 68 pages. We included two cartridges, one for the first 6 months and the other for the rest of the year. This callendar is only available for large Traveler’sa.

Weekly + memo refill also on the front pages has an annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, where four months take up two pages, and the weekly calendar. In this case, the left side of the calendar contains one week, while the right, gridded, free space for notes. Here, similarly, we get two refills, 68 pages each. Weekly + memo calendar is available in two sizes.

Last calendar, monthly is an option for those who like to have a clear insight to what is planned for the entire month. The entire refill has 48 pages, divided into calendar year on 2018 and 2019 year monthly calendar, vertical (12 months on 2 pages) and a monthly calendar from December 2017 and January 2019. A monthly calendar is also available in two sizes, Regular and Passport Size.

Which calendar choose? How many users, so many opinions. The most important thing is to think about the purposes for which we will need it. If we like to see how we planed a week, hour after hour, we should choose weekly vertical calendar. If we have less things to do, but we need a lot of space on the constantly emerging ideas in one’s head, I strongly recommend weekly + memo. On the other hand, if we are active, we travel a lot and we like to plan in advance – ideally find an insert with monthly.

All calendars are made of well known paper MD. What’s more, in each set of the calendar are included with stickers, each year more. This year with the theme of the Traveler’s Train.

In addition to the cover, the calendar’s contribution with stickers, we find a linen pouch on the notebook, and replacement bands.

Traveler’s Notebook is a notebook for life. Thanks to the fact that refills are interchangeable, and the cover over the years matures and takes on a character, it can be used for really long periods of time. It is also pointed out that the calendar of the Traveler’s Notebook is just the beginning. There is a wide choice of refills, so you can create your dream unique notebook that meets your needs. One thing is certain, once you use Travelers’a, you will not be able to replace it with any other notebook.

In conclusion, the traveler’s calendar Notebook combines beauty, simplicity and minimalism, and its advantages are:

  • Leather cover traveler’s Notebook
  • Calendar
  • Whole life notebook
  • Stickers
  • Cotton bag
  • An extra band
  • The joy of use


2018 Diaries Review – MD Diary

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And, indeed, this is so, because minimalism gives us space to experience all that comes to us every day, this is a recipe for a beautiful life.

If you are also a fan of minimalism – MD calendars will surely be your favorite!

Calendars are based on well-known MD notebooks. It combines everything, the same classic design, the highest quality paper and format. MD calendars can be divided into two groups – those on a monthly basis and those on a daily basis.

Calendars in a monthly layout is really a 2 in 1 calendar because it combines planner and notepad. In terms of format choice is really wide, we can choose between A4, A5, A6 and Slim. Inside on the first two pages we can find the annual calendar for 2017 and 2018, the next 26 pages occupy a monthly calendar. Up to 26 pages, because one month is printed on two pages, from December 2017 to January 2019. The other 167 pages are notepad in line (135 pages) and blank(32 pages). The calendar, like the notebooks, is sewn, framed in a creamy cover made of thin cardboard, and the back is reinforced with a muslin mesh to which is attached an orange satin bookmark. The enormous advantage is that calendars in any format spread out flat anywhere, so that the comfort of writing is even greater. It is also important that, despite so many pages, the calendar does not really take up much space. It is exceptionally handy and can easily fit in the most stuffed bag or backpack.

However, the daily calendar, it’s a bit bigger. It has 415 pages and just like in the previous calendar, we find here an annual and monthly calendar. 385 pages is a daily calendar in which one page corresponds to one day. We will not find the date printed, we need to type it by hand, which has its advantages. Sometimes it happens that when we are on vacation or during holidays we do not record as much as the rest of the days. An interesting solution is to divide the pages in half, where one part is in line and has printed hours from 8 to 24, while the other is blank. This solution gives us total freedom to organize our place and in no way limits our creativity. Because the calendar is much thicker, it requires a solid cover – made of PVC material, which makes it also spread flat and additionally protects it from unexpected accidents at work (we all poured coffee on a calendar ever). Two satin orange and red bookmarks will help us control our notes.

If your traditional notepad calendars are not enough for you, because you work a lot at your desk and like to check your schedule with a quick glance, a monthly MD calendar on desk will be perfect for you! It has a wide margin for taking notes and an additional four smooth pages. Midori leaves us free to use. With red strings we can put a calendar on your desk, or keep it flat.

But most importantly, all MD calendars are made from the finest quality paper. It is perfect for writing with a fountain pen, does not bleed or feather. It has an eye-catchy creamy color and gray lines. As you probably already know, the color of the paper and the line or the grid is of great importance to our eyes. With Midori’s color scheme, the eye does not tire so fast, so it’s faster for information. The manufacturing of MD paper itself is extremely interesting. It’s a real craft. You can find more information about it here.

In short, MD calendars are:

  • Best quality MD paper
  • Wide choice of formats
  • Satin bookmark
  • Timeless, minimalist design
  • Comfort of use

All MD products prove that beauty is in simplicity. However, the biggest advantage is that we have an absolute freedom. We can customize the calendar to our needs, to create this one, our unique, because we’ve got a great base. There is also a practical aspect, calendars MD are definitely one of the most clear and legible calendars. There is no unnecessary ‘supplement’ that only occupy valuable space.

MD calendar on a monthly basis can be found by clicking here and here, but on a daily basis here.



Each product has its own story, which consists of people and their experiences.

During our last trip to Japan, we found a product with definitely a such story!

Monokaki is a notebook shrouded in legend. It is said, that it is a tailor-made notebook, because it was made to the special order of the famous Japanese author Fumio Niwa.

In 1939 grandmother of the present owner of the company met in the café with his good friend Fumio Niwa. During the meeting, they talked about the fear of inevitably forthcoming war. Fumio Niwa was confided in the fear of the deficit of good writing paper. His words inspired other writers to create the perfect paper, which would be extremely thin, but at the same time, not feathering and not bleeding. It was supposed to be paper ideal for people that write with a fountain pen. That’s how Kotobukiya paper came into being.

Paper very quickly became a cult product. It is said that if you dream about winning the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, you should start writing for this paper, because it guarantees victory. Proof of this are Yasunari Kawabata and Kenzaburo Oe, who received the prize in the year 1968 and 1994. Yet, another lover of this notebook Monokaki, Yukio Mishima was nominated three times to the same awards.

The cover of Monokaki notebook, which was to reflect the spirit of the Japanese atmosphere, was designed in the year 1940 by famous manga artist Ryo Takagi. The cover is made from paper that is called Echizen-washi. It is a traditional Japanese washi paper, which is produced in Manufaktura in Fukui consecutively from 1603.

The word Monokaki, which appears on the cover is a reference to the history of the emergence of Notepad. Literally, it means  a writer . Also in the graphics, you may notice characteristic writing instruments, such as the paint bucket tool, pen, pencil, oil lamp. All of these symbols may remind us in what situation did the idea for this notebook and to whom it was dedicated.

Consistently to this day, Monokaki notebooks are manufactured in the workshop in one of the districts of Asakusa in Tokyo. The manufactory was founded in the 1882 year and currently manages by Masuya family, who is the fourth generation of founders.

Manufactory at the end of 40’s.

Monokaki is another unique item with the soul, an interesting story, and high quality. If you want to find it, click here 🙂