How to choose a gift? – a guide how to overcome Christmas dilemma

To avoid stress caused by going Christams shopping last minute and look out the window for the courier isntead of the first star we would like to help in searching Christmast gifts at this very moment (it’s one of the ways to not go crazy)! It’s a common knowlegde that (not) the best Christmas gifts are socks! That’s why in Escribo we conducted research that will provide you with Christmas gifts ideas!

  • Traveler’s Notebook – beauty, simplicity and minimalism. Made from perfect leather beautifully ages over time, and becomes patina. A phenomenal thing is the fact, that there is a lot of different accessories and refills that can help you to brighten and customize your Traveler’s. Available in four colours and two sizes.
  • Fountain Pen – although for some of us a fountain pen still remaind school times, when writting was a duty, but fortunatelly this stereotype begins to go beyond the frimework. Short, full sized, light or heavy. Fountain pens are getting into favour, and due to huge range of possibilities in choosing models.
  • If you want to buy a gift to a perfon with artistic soul, the good idea is to giving a set of proffesional pencils in elegant, wooden box. Blackwing pencils were used by giftes artists and may become the inspiration for others.
  • To take control over mess on your desk but also make the person smile an ideal solution is the desk organiser WERKHAUS – cat, trabant, or mabye shoolbus?

  • When payment cards have been started to be used it became to be the most modern and most common way of payment. That’s for them SECRID created wallets, that guarantees better protection of your privacy and money.
  • A photo album can become a beggining of beautyful tradition. Taking photos is nothing new, but as the cifrization develops we often forget how pleasant is to sit down and see photos of interesting adventures. If you want to think back the most beautiful moments in Christmas atmosphere give ICONIC album to your dear friend, or maybye fill it by yourself?

The Third Edition Of Fountain Pen Day in Poland

The third edition of Fountain Pen Day in Poland, organized by us in collaboration with Amex is comming up! This will be the biggest festival of fountain pens, paper, nibs, pencils and any analog item!

This year, Fountain Pen Day will take place on 17th of November 2018 at 10:00 – 19:00 in National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw located in 1 Kredytowa Street.

As in case of previous editions, this event will be full of different attractions, such as exhibitions, premieres, calligraphy workshops and fairs.

However, this what is the most important, Fountain Pen Day is the only chance to meet the best stationery shops in one place.

Join us and let’s celebrate together the third edition of Fountain Pen Day!

See you in Warsaw!



Blackwing Vol. 33 1/3

The Vinyl Pencil

From their introduction in the late 1800s, analog records have withstood the advent of radio, the rise and fall of CDs and MP3s, and the dawn of streaming. Rather than be displaced by these more convenient ways of consuming music, the vinyl record has instead shifted from an object of convenience to one of connection. And it has thrived in the process.

Just as the way we engage with pencils and notebooks is different from the way we interact with keyboards and touch screens, the way we engage with records is different from the way we interact with digital music. From the rich, uncompressed sound to the album art and liner notes, records tell a story both physically and sonically. According to music icon Henry Rollins, of all the ways to listen to music, “vinyl [best] represents what the musicians wanted you to hear.” The vinyl experience not only creates a physical and emotional connection between music and people, it creates a connection between musicians and their fans.

The Blackwing 33 1/3 is a tribute to vinyl records.

The Blackwing 33 1/3 is a tribute to vinyl records.

It features a matte black finish and matte black ferrule to go with its black imprint and black eraser.

The gloss black foil banding near the grip was inspired by the grooves on a record, where the music script is kept.

The number 33 1/3 symbolize the number of turns made by vinyl.

You can purchase Blackwing Vol. 33 1/3. Just click here.

The competition – “My Own Traveler’s Notebook”

We have praising Traveler’s Notebook so many times before and some of you may start even thinking that we are obsessed with it. Those of you, who have already met us, know that it is true 😀

We succeed to spread this obsession through many of you. We are really proud that we have a very loyal group of users of Traveler’s Notebook, who appreciate the idea, quality and manufacturing of this product, and also enjoy customizing their dream notebook. Looking for two similar notebooks is a waste of time, because as many owners, as many ideas how to customize it. We are quite sure about it, because during workshops and other meetings we have seen so much of them, and all are very unique! This is why we come up with the idea of a competition named
“My Traveler’s Notebook”!

Rules are very simple: open your own TN on the page you like the most, grab your camera or smartphone and take a picture. Then, publish it on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag with hashtag #otomojTN. You can also sent a picture by e-mail on following address

We will wait for pictures until the end of August. On 10th of September our reliable Jury will choose three photos and the winners will get prices: the accessory  from the original Traveler’s Factory (available in Japan only!) and two vouchers with the value of 100 and 50 PLN.

All of participants will get everlasting glory and admiration, because we are going to create album on our Facebook account and blog site with pictures of yours. Maybe, it will become inspiration for other users 😊

Don’t worry, Jury will not evaluate your photographic skills!
Good time and love for Traveler’s Notebook is what count the most!

Blackwing Vol. 10001

The Puzzle Pencil.
Exercise your mind.

The idea for Blackwing Vol. 10001 was born over a year ago, when a math teacher form New York, and in the same time a huge passionate of Blackwing pencil, wrote an e-mail in which he said that he has a perfect idea for new limited edition. Then, he described Tetsuya Miyamoto’s story, which become a real inspiration for Blackwing’s designers.

“The Art of Teaching without Teaching”

When Tetsuya Miyamoto invented the KenKen® puzzle in his mathematics classroom in 2004, his goal was to improve his students’ problem solving and logic skills. He describes his method as “The Art of Teaching without Teaching,” and his dream is to make the world smarter with his invention.

Today, the KenKen® puzzle is the only puzzle printed daily alongside the New York Times Crossword. Puzzles like these inspire us to apply problem solving and logic in creative ways, letting our minds perform a beautiful dance between their left and right hemispheres.

Blackwing 10001 (壱万壱) pays tribute to Miyamoto Sensei’s puzzles and other creative ways of teaching and learning. 10001 is a numeral palindrome in Kanji as well as in Arabic numerals. It is also tied to one of Miyamoto Sensei’s favorite equations. The pencil features a red stained barrel, firm graphite, gold imprint and unique five-sided “Gōkaku pencil” shape.

Translated literally from Japanese, Gōkaku means “passed,” as in a problem or exam. It is also a near-homophone for the Japanese word “Gokakukei,” meaning pentagon. Gōkaku pencils are given to every student who graduates from the Miyamoto Mathematics class.

What to buy for a teacher? The list of the best and the worst graduation presents.

Like every year, a lot of students and their parents face with the problem what gift buy to a teacher at the end of the semester. In moments like these, all our ideas in our heads disappear as if by magic, and they are replaced by black hole accompanied with despair and doubt. We all have been there, right?

That’s why, this year, based on our experience, we asked befriended teachers which gifts make them happy, and which make them uncomfortable. Based on their answers we made a list of the best and the worst gifts that we would like to share it with you.

List of the worst gifts: 

cups and mugs


frames and candles


Cups and mugs are on the top of the worst gift list. Some of teachers have a pretty huge collection of not up to pair mugs and cups, which they do not use. Jewellery is also not the best solution, because it is hard to decide what a person likes. Teachers claim that this type of present, also makes them feel uncomfortable. All kinds of decoration, such as frames, or candles, as well as cosmetics, are not considered as a good idea.

List of the best gifts: 


live plants

nice pen

good coffee and tea

gift cards

Teachers say that, if we necessary want to make them a present, lets buy interested books referring to the teacher’s subject, or live plants, that will revive a classroom. A good idea is always a nice pen with engravened tiny message. We should not forget that teachers also like good quality coffee and tea. Gifs cards to bookstores and stationery shops are becoming more and more popular, and teachers admit that this kind of present could make them happy.

Caran D’Ache and carwer

But they emphasise that even the most sophisticated and perfect graduation present does not have the same value as the card written by pupils, or a souvenir photograph. One of a teacher told us, that one year she got a nice, hard covered notebook in which her pupils wrote poems, memories and words of thanks. She emphasises, that this is the present that she will always remember. In such a situation even the most adamant PE teacher will be touched 😊

Let’s celebrate together the 10th Anniversary of MD Paper Products!

Exactly 10 years ago, the first MD Paper Notebook was lauched!

For us, such an anniversary is a perfect occassion for celebrating together.

We deciced to visit unique shops and workshops in Poland, which are in love with MD Paper, as much as we are.

Because, no anniversary party couldn’t do without a present, thus we have prepared some surprise for you – on each MD Paper Notebook we are going to emboss in gold or silver your initials or anything what your immagination will tell you, and our machine font will take 😉

Moreover, each of our guests will have the opportunity to place an original 10th Anniversary MD Paper stamp!

Where are we going to meet?

26th May, 2018 – PAPIERNICZENI
Kraków, ul. Limanowskiego 18

16-17th June, 2018 – PAPIEROWE ATELIER
Chrzanów, ul. Gancarska 20/6

8-9th September, 2018 – BOOKIESTRA
Katowice, NOSPR Plac Wojciecha Kilara 1

6-7 th October, 2018 – WARIACKIE PAPIERY
Warszawa, Galeria Mokotów 1p, ul. Wołoska 1

17th November, 2018 – DZIEŃ PIÓRA WIECZNEGO
Warszawa, Muzeum Etnograficzne, ul. Kredytowa 1

Poznań, ul. Głogowska 105

See you there! 🙂


Blackwing Vol. 54

Simply Exquisite.

The Surrealist movement of the early 20th century sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of the imagination. From Ernst and Oppenheim, to Kahlo and Lam, Surrealists have constantly sought new techniques that would liberate them from the limitations of lucidness.

One of these techniques was known as automation, or “the absence of any control exercised by reason.” To achieve automation, Surrealists used an exercise known as Exquisite Corpse, creating collaborative poems and works of art composed of pieced-together words and images.

The Blackwing 54 pays tribute to surrealism and creative exercises that force us to look beyond our narrow personal perspective. We designed this pencil using Exquisite Corpse.

First, we separated the pencil into five components (graphite, lacquer, imprint, ferrule, eraser). Then, we blindly selected the design for each component and assembled the results.


The finished pencil features a rose barrel, teal imprint, silver ferrule, blue eraser and our extra-firm graphite.

The number 54 is a nod to 54 rue due Chateau in Paris, the birthplace of Exquisite Corpse.

Interview with Carlo Vazzoler – the founder of Loclen

Carlo Vazzoler is a passionate person, trairblazer and founder of Loclen, specializning in making unique writing instruments that can be called small pieces of art. He told us about his work, which is also his passion.

How did you start Loclen? Why writing instruments?

I have always been passionate about pens, I used to collect them. Then one day I decided I wanted to make my own, and so it all started from there. It was in 2008.

Your products are made of brass bars, where the idea of using such material came from?

Brass is the most common material for pens, it is easy to work with and it has a nice weight, compared to aluminum which is the other most common material for pens. Brass is my favorite not only for the weight, but also because it has the nice characteristic of oxidize over time, but not too much like copper for example, just a little and then it has a very nice smell ( I like it very much). I always say that brass is a live material, like wood.

LOCLEN Tekno 2 Ballpoint Pen Chrome
LOCLEN L3 Ballpoint Pen Black
LOCLEN L3 Brass Mechanical Pencil 0,7 mm
LOCLEN Nanetto Ballpoint Pen Black


Are you influenced by Italian tradition? Where do you find the inspiration?

Design innovation is part of the company philosophy, My first goal has always been to make something different to stand out from the millions of pens on the market which are all copying to each other. If you mean the Italian tradition in pens I would have to say that I am very far from that. I would never make a pen similar to Aurora, Montegrappa or Visconti. Different design has been the main reason why we were able to succeed in this very high competitive market.

Which difficulties do you encounter in producing your writing instruments?

The main problems we are facing now is to be able to keep up with production. All our pens are handmade which is also another trait of our company philosophy, we do not mass produce like most of the other brands. We are adding some more machines to our small factory, hopefully this will improve productivity. We are growing.

In Electa foutain pen you use a VAS system. Could you tell something more about this solution?

Electa is a very unique pen, the only one in the world in terms of design (it looks like a piston filler) and also technology. The Vibration Absorbing System VAS is and advanced and ingenious system that blocks the vibrations of the nib when rubbing on the paper to be transferred to the barrel. You won’t feel these vibrations because they are stopped by the three rubber rings that divide the barrel from the front section. In all other pens, front section and barrel are screwed to each other making one single component very rigid. On the Electa the connection between the front section and the barrel is made by rubber making the part more flexible.

LOCLEN Electa Brass Fountain Pen

To whom your products are dedicated?

To everyone who is passionate about writing and pens, and he or she is looking for something different and cool.

You have a quite unusual logo, is there any story behind it?

Goose is normally associated to fountain pens because of the feather, once they used to write with goose feather. My logo is a duck, not a goose, but it is close.

What do you feel or think when designing, and creating writing instruments when our life is full of new technologies? Is there a space for hand writing?

When I started this company I was keep telling myself that it wouldn’t had worked out because of the rising trend to write with electronic devices instead of hand writing, I was wrong. I discovered that there is a huge number of passionate people who still prefer hand writing and love to have a nice pen. I am also having the feeling that this number is rising and that a lot of people are going back to use fountain pens.

What do you want to say to Polish user of you writing instruments?

Thank you for your interest in our pens, we are a yang company in the writing industry but we are growing fast thank you to a rising number of passionate pen lovers who recognize in our products the two main traits of our philosophy: passion and design innovation.
Our goal for the Polish market is to find people who share these values and will enjoy to write with our pens.

Wywiad z twórcą marki Loclen – Carlo Vazzolerem

Carlo Vazzoler to pasjonat, pomysłodawca i założyciel marki Loclen specjalizującej się w tworzeniu wyjątkowych akcesoriów piśmienniczych, które śmiało można nazwać dziełami sztuki. O swojej pracy, która bez wątpienia jest jego pasją opowiedział nam w wywiadzie.

Jak powstał Loclen? Dlaczego akurat instrumenty piśmiennicze?

Od zawsze byłem pasjonatem długopisów, kiedyś je kolekcjonowałem. Wtedy, pewnego dnia zdecydowałem, że chciałbym stworzyć swój własny. I tak to się wszystko zaczęło, w 2008 roku.

Twoje produkty są robione z mosiądzu, skąd pomysł, aby tworzyć z tego właśnie materiału?

Mosiądz to najbardziej powszechny materiał, z którego tworzy się długopisy, jest prosty w obróbce, lubię też jego wagę. W porównaniu do aluminium, który również jest bardzo popularnym materiałem, mosiądz jest zdecydowanie cięższy. Lubię mosiądz nie tylko ze względu na wagę, ale również ze względu na to, że z czasem się utlenia, ale nie tak bardzo jak na przykład miedź, bardziej delikatnie a przy tym ma bardzo przyjemny zapach (bardzo lubię ten zapach). Zawsze powtarzam, że mosiądz to żywy materiał, tak samo jak drewno.

Długopis LOCLEN Tekno 2 Chrome
Długopis LOCLEN L3 Czarny
Ołówek mechaniczny LOCLEN L3 Brass 0,7 mm
Długopis LOCLEN Nanetto Czarne

Gdzie znajdujesz inspirację? Czy czerpiesz z włoskiej tradycji?

Innowacyjny design to część filozofii naszej firmy. Od zawsze moim głównym celem było tworzenie czegoś innego, aby wyróżnić się od milionów długopisów, które są do siebie bardzo podobne. Jeżeli chodzi o włoską tradycję i instrumenty piśmiennicze, muszę powiedzieć, że trzymam się od tego z daleka. Nigdy nie chciałbym tworzyć długopisów i piór podobnych do Aurory, Montegrappa czy Visconti. Odmienny design był i jest głównym powodem, dla którego jest dla nas miejsce na tym bardzo konkurencyjnym rynku.

Jakie trudności spotykasz przy tworzeniu swoich produktów?

Głównym problemem, z którym teraz walczymy to możliwość nadążania z produkcją. Wszystkie nasze długopisy i pióra są wykonywane ręcznie, co jest kolejnym punktem w filozofii naszej firmy. Nie tworzymy produkcji masowej, jak robi to większość marek. Dokładamy więcej maszyn do naszej małej firmy, mam nadzieję, że polepszy to naszą produktywność. Rośniemy w siłę.

Pióra wieczne Electa posiadają system VAS – system absorbujący wibracje. Czy możesz powiedzieć coś więcej o tym systemie?

Electa to wyjątkowe pióro, jedyne takie na świecie, jeżeli chodzi o design (wygląda jak tłok) oraz technologię. System Absorbujący Wibrację VAS to zaawansowane i pomysłowe rozwiązanie. Zazwyczaj podczas pisania stalówka tworzy wibracje, które można wyczuć w korpusie, natomiast VAS system je blokuje. Nie odczujesz więc tych wibracji, ponieważ są zatrzymywane dzięki trzem gumowym pierścieniom, które oddzielają korpus od przedniej sekcji. We wszystkich innych piórach przednia sekcja jest wkręcana do korpusu, sprawiając, że jest bardzo sztywna. W piórach Electa połączenie gumowymi pierścieniami przedniej sekcji i korpusu sprawia, że ta część jest bardziej elastyczna.

Pióro wieczne LOCLEN Electa Brass

Komu dedykujecie swoje produkty?

Nasze produkty są dedykowane wszystkim tym, którzy uwielbiają pisanie ręczne i jednocześnie szukają czegoś innego, czegoś fajnego.

Wasze logo jest dość wyjątkowe, czy kryje się za nim jakaś historia?

Gęś jest często utożsamiana z piórami wiecznymi z powodu piór, które kiedyś służyły do pisania. My wybraliśmy kaczkę, nie gęś, ale nadal jest to ta sama rodzina ptaków.

Co czujesz lub myślisz, kiedy projektujesz i tworzysz instrumenty piśmiennicze? Nasze życie jest przepełnione nowymi technologiami, jest jeszcze miejsce a pismo ręczne?

Kiedy tworzyliśmy markę, powtarzałem sobie, że może się nie udać, ponieważ pisanie na komputerze jest znacznie bardziej popularnie niż pisanie odręczne. Myliłem się. Odkryłem, że jest wielka liczba pasjonatów, którzy nadal wolą pisać ręcznie i uwielbiają mieć coś fajnego do pisania. Również, odnoszę wrażenie, że ta liczba ciągle wzrasta i że wiele ludzi ma zamiar wrócić do pisania piórem.

Jaką wiadomość chciałbyś przekazać swoim polskim klientom?

Dziękuję za zainteresowanie naszymi produktami. Jesteśmy młodą firmą, ale rozwijamy się szybko dzięki stale rosnącej liczbie miłośników instrumentów piśmienniczych, którzy dostrzegają w naszych produktach dwie główne cechy, na których opiera się cała nasza filozofia, czyli pasja i innowacyjny design. W Polsce chcemy znaleźć ludzi, którzy podzielają te wartości i będą z przyjemnością sięgać po nasze instrumenty piśmiennicze.