2018 Diaries Review – Traveler’s Notebook

Because of the fact that the Traveler’s Notebook in a very short time has become a cult product, and even the object of desire, it could not been omitted in our review cycle calendars. BecauseTraveler’s Notebook is more than a notebook…

If you’re wondering on buying this notebook, you may want to consider the option of calendar. The characteristic feature of a notebook is 2 mm cover of raw leather, which was handmade by local manufacturers in Chaing Mai in Tailandii. Its secret is the severity of the skin, which beautifully old and takes on a patina. Covers are available in three colors: camel, brown and black. Remarkable is that each cover behaves differently. It is affected by the environment and use, but we swear that we never saw two identical covers, and we’ve seen them quite a bit.

Covers are available in two sizes – Regular (220x120x10 mm) and a Passport Size (134x98x10 mm), although this choice is not simple. It all depends on individual needs, some prefer large, others small, and still others use both.

When it comes to calendars, in the case of regular size we have to choose three of them: weekly vertical weekly + memo and monthly.

In weekly vertical calenndar you can find annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, in which the two sides are four months, and weekly calendar vertical. Total 68 pages. We included two cartridges, one for the first 6 months and the other for the rest of the year. This callendar is only available for large Traveler’sa.

Weekly + memo refill also on the front pages has an annual calendar for the year 2018 and 2019, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, where four months take up two pages, and the weekly calendar. In this case, the left side of the calendar contains one week, while the right, gridded, free space for notes. Here, similarly, we get two refills, 68 pages each. Weekly + memo calendar is available in two sizes.

Last calendar, monthly is an option for those who like to have a clear insight to what is planned for the entire month. The entire refill has 48 pages, divided into calendar year on 2018 and 2019 year monthly calendar, vertical (12 months on 2 pages) and a monthly calendar from December 2017 and January 2019. A monthly calendar is also available in two sizes, Regular and Passport Size.

Which calendar choose? How many users, so many opinions. The most important thing is to think about the purposes for which we will need it. If we like to see how we planed a week, hour after hour, we should choose weekly vertical calendar. If we have less things to do, but we need a lot of space on the constantly emerging ideas in one’s head, I strongly recommend weekly + memo. On the other hand, if we are active, we travel a lot and we like to plan in advance – ideally find an insert with monthly.

All calendars are made of well known paper MD. What’s more, in each set of the calendar are included with stickers, each year more. This year with the theme of the Traveler’s Train.

In addition to the cover, the calendar’s contribution with stickers, we find a linen pouch on the notebook, and replacement bands.

Traveler’s Notebook is a notebook for life. Thanks to the fact that refills are interchangeable, and the cover over the years matures and takes on a character, it can be used for really long periods of time. It is also pointed out that the calendar of the Traveler’s Notebook is just the beginning. There is a wide choice of refills, so you can create your dream unique notebook that meets your needs. One thing is certain, once you use Travelers’a, you will not be able to replace it with any other notebook.

In conclusion, the traveler’s calendar Notebook combines beauty, simplicity and minimalism, and its advantages are:

  • Leather cover traveler’s Notebook
  • Calendar
  • Whole life notebook
  • Stickers
  • Cotton bag
  • An extra band
  • The joy of use


2018 Diaries Review – MD Diary

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And, indeed, this is so, because minimalism gives us space to experience all that comes to us every day, this is a recipe for a beautiful life.

If you are also a fan of minimalism – MD calendars will surely be your favorite!

Calendars are based on well-known MD notebooks. It combines everything, the same classic design, the highest quality paper and format. MD calendars can be divided into two groups – those on a monthly basis and those on a daily basis.

Calendars in a monthly layout is really a 2 in 1 calendar because it combines planner and notepad. In terms of format choice is really wide, we can choose between A4, A5, A6 and Slim. Inside on the first two pages we can find the annual calendar for 2017 and 2018, the next 26 pages occupy a monthly calendar. Up to 26 pages, because one month is printed on two pages, from December 2017 to January 2019. The other 167 pages are notepad in line (135 pages) and blank(32 pages). The calendar, like the notebooks, is sewn, framed in a creamy cover made of thin cardboard, and the back is reinforced with a muslin mesh to which is attached an orange satin bookmark. The enormous advantage is that calendars in any format spread out flat anywhere, so that the comfort of writing is even greater. It is also important that, despite so many pages, the calendar does not really take up much space. It is exceptionally handy and can easily fit in the most stuffed bag or backpack.

However, the daily calendar, it’s a bit bigger. It has 415 pages and just like in the previous calendar, we find here an annual and monthly calendar. 385 pages is a daily calendar in which one page corresponds to one day. We will not find the date printed, we need to type it by hand, which has its advantages. Sometimes it happens that when we are on vacation or during holidays we do not record as much as the rest of the days. An interesting solution is to divide the pages in half, where one part is in line and has printed hours from 8 to 24, while the other is blank. This solution gives us total freedom to organize our place and in no way limits our creativity. Because the calendar is much thicker, it requires a solid cover – made of PVC material, which makes it also spread flat and additionally protects it from unexpected accidents at work (we all poured coffee on a calendar ever). Two satin orange and red bookmarks will help us control our notes.

If your traditional notepad calendars are not enough for you, because you work a lot at your desk and like to check your schedule with a quick glance, a monthly MD calendar on desk will be perfect for you! It has a wide margin for taking notes and an additional four smooth pages. Midori leaves us free to use. With red strings we can put a calendar on your desk, or keep it flat.

But most importantly, all MD calendars are made from the finest quality paper. It is perfect for writing with a fountain pen, does not bleed or feather. It has an eye-catchy creamy color and gray lines. As you probably already know, the color of the paper and the line or the grid is of great importance to our eyes. With Midori’s color scheme, the eye does not tire so fast, so it’s faster for information. The manufacturing of MD paper itself is extremely interesting. It’s a real craft. You can find more information about it here.

In short, MD calendars are:

  • Best quality MD paper
  • Wide choice of formats
  • Satin bookmark
  • Timeless, minimalist design
  • Comfort of use

All MD products prove that beauty is in simplicity. However, the biggest advantage is that we have an absolute freedom. We can customize the calendar to our needs, to create this one, our unique, because we’ve got a great base. There is also a practical aspect, calendars MD are definitely one of the most clear and legible calendars. There is no unnecessary ‘supplement’ that only occupy valuable space.

MD calendar on a monthly basis can be found by clicking here and here, but on a daily basis here.



Each product has its own story, which consists of people and their experiences.

During our last trip to Japan we found a product with definitely a such story!

Monokaki is a notebook shrouded in legend. It is said, that it is a tailor-made notebook, because it was made on special order of the famous Japanese author Fumo Niwa.

In 1939 grandmother of the present owner of the company met in the café with his good friend Fumo Niwa. During the meeting, women talked about the fear of inevitably forthcoming war. Fumo Niwa was confide in the fear of the deficit of good writing paper. Her words inspired other writers to create the perfect paper, which would be extremely thin, but at the same time, not feathering and not bleeding. It was supposed to be paper ideal for people that write with a fountain pen. That’s how Kotobukiya paper came into being.

Paper very quickly became a cult product. It is said that if you dream about winning the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, you should start writing for this paper, because it guarantees victory. Proof of this are Yasunari Kawabata and Kenzaburo Oe, who received the prize in the year 1968 and 1994. Yet, another lover of this notebook Monokaki, Yukio Mishima was nominated three times to the same awards.

The cover of Monokaki notebook, which was to reflect the spirit of the Japanese atmosphere, was designed in the year 1940 by famous manga artist Ryo Takagi. The cover is made from paper that is called Echizen-washi. It is a traditional Japanese washi paper, which is produced in Manufaktura in Fukui consecutively from 1603.

The word Monokaki, which appears on the cover is a reference to the history of the emergence of Notepad. Literally it means  a writer . Also in the graphics, you may notice a characteristic writing instruments, such as the paint bucket tool, pen, pencil, oil lamp. All of these symbols may remind us in what situation did the idea for this notebook and to whom it was dedicated.

Consistently to this day notebooks Monokaki are manufactured in the workshop in one of the districts of Asakusa in Tokyo. Manufactory was founded in 1882 year and currently manages by Masuya family, who is the fourth generation of founders.

Manufactory at the end of 40’s.

Monokaki is another unique item with the soul, an interesting story and high quality. If you want to find it, click here 🙂


2018 Diaries Review – Midori Pouch Diary

September and October is an exceptional period for us. When the wheater becomes bad, everyone dreams about a cup of aromatic tea and a warm blanket. For us it is a period of great excitement and joy! All thanks to novelties that we get. With a great commitment we are getting ready for another year. And all through the beautiful calendars that are in our hands.

Which one we like the most? There is no single answer. We all, therefore, do not limit ourselves to one. They are among us those who have two, three or even four calendars … and they use them all.

We know how hard it is to decide on this one, the only one that will keep pace with us throughout the coming year. Because of that we decided to do a series of posts, with the review of the calendars for the 2018. Each of the calendars you will find in our offer.

The first one goes calendar Pouch Diary from Midori. This is really multifunctional calendar, perfect for gadget lovers. You can find it in two sizes: A5 and Slim. The characteristic feature of this calendar is the cover made of linen or jeans, fastened with leather strap with metal latch. The cover has two pockets one with zipper lclosure and the other just in perfect for your phone or tablet. Calendar in A5 size has 35 pages made of the highest quality MD paper. Inside we find the calendar with a monthly schedule, and the notebook. While the Slim calendar has 192 pages of the same paper, with the annual, monthly, weekly schedule and space for notes. Pouch Diary has enough space to carry out a precise calendar and notebook all in one. In this respect, it meets the expectations of the repair of demanding users.

However, the biggest advantage is the ability to exchange the refill. It’s a big comfort, when you love your calendar to the point that we will not be able to live without it, and even another, next year do not stand in the way. From experience we know that also cover manage well the laundry in the washing machine (one owner so much liked Pouch Diary, that when she accidentally poured it wih yogurt in her purse, she decided to go in this way to save), and works well with calendars and notebooks different brand, for example. CIAK.

Another advantege is the wide choice of colour of the cover. In addition to those present in the regular offer of Midori, whether red, blue and dark blue, every year the brand surprises us with new colours. This year is the olive green, blue and pink check pattern.

To sum up, the biggest advantages of Midori Pouch Diary are:

  • two sizes: A5 and Slim
  • 192 pages of the highest quality MD Paper
  • linen cover with two pockets
  • precision of detail: metal zip and leather strip closure
  • replacable refills
  • wide choice of colours
  • durability

I think that the Pouch Diary finds a perfect in the daily writing, and becomes an indispensable organizer that will help you organize your receipts and tickets, or other important information.

If you want to find Midori Pouch Diary A5 click here, or here to find Midori Pouch Diary Slim.



Whitelines  is a company founded in Stockholm by three friends, who believe that each of us is the inventor in some field. Trying to prove this thesis, they have created an unusual paper that combines traditional writing and modern use.

 The concept of paper Whitelines  is based on studies that have proven that the white sheet of paper with printed black or blue line or grid distracts us when taking notes, or learning from them. In contrast to grey sheets of paper with white lines or grid, which are better than the ones mention before.

The inventors of Whitelines goes one step further.

We all have been in a situation when our colligue from work or university asks us for a picture of some important note. All links the same feature: even those made the best camera, have poor quality. The photo, can and is readable, but it is not perfect.

 If it is possible to find digital applies to analog paper? Yes, of course!

Especially for Whitelines notebooks the mobile app was designe, which let us to scan our notes easily.

The basic assumption is that the app and paper must actually “see” each other, and the rest goes automatically.  How to do it? Every page contains four corner elements. Make sure, that they will be visible on the screen. Do not move even for a moment, let the app capture a note and then save and share the image with your friends, or post it in the way you like. There is nothing much simpler!

Another advantage is the ability to store notes on the drive in the cloud so that you have them always with you. If you use coulors, don’t worry! They will be the same in the mobile version!

Certainly Whitelines paper is a compromise for these who enjoy hand writing but need digital notes.

Blackwing 73 – Create and Conserve

“Baskets, maps, literature, paintings, photographs, technology, architecture, environmental science…human beings have been entering this region, responding to its grandeur, recording what they saw, establishing human settlements, and struggling to express a subliminal power of place”

                                                                             – Historian Kevin Starr in Tahoe: A Visual History

You cannot fully understand a place or the people living in it without understanding the paintings, writings and songs created on its soil. Our local natural wonder of Lake Tahoe is a perfect example. The landscape paintings of Albert Bierstadt, the photographs of Ansel Adams and the intricate baskets of Dat-So-La-Lee all make up the tapestry of Lake Tahoe’s cultural identity. These works and the works of countless other artists tell of a place of both breathtaking natural beauty and perilous unpredictability; a place that stands at the front line of the age-old conflict between the natural world and the encroachment of civilization.

As a result of human ambition, the lake’s signature blue color began to disappear in the 1960s, and its Secchi depth (a unit used to measure clarity) plummeted to 66.6 feet by 1997. The lake’s striking beauty, which had been a source of inspiration pulled straight from the 19th century Romantics, was fading. Fortunately, through aggressive conservation efforts, the lake has begun to regain its remarkable clarity.

Blackwing 73 celebrates Lake Tahoe and other landmarks that have had a comparable impact on arts and society. Each pencil features a Tahoe blue finish and raised texture that mimics the lake’s topography. The number 73 references Lake Tahoe’s last measured Secchi depth of 73 feet. Each pencil features a silver ferrule, white eraser, white imprint and our soft graphite formulation.

Dream in Japanese culture

The Japanese always attach great importance to the symbols.

Dream is based largely on symbols, which from ages are interpreted in different ways.

In Japan dream is considered the basis of faith, in which it functions as a tool of the ritual of the sacrum. Dreams affect not only the people but also the gods. During sleep the soul leaves the body and moves on a journey beyond the barrier of the underworld. such dream experience develop Japanese spirituality.

In Japanese culture the first night, and the first night’s sleep in the new year plays especially important role. Because most Japanese celebrates the night of 31th of December to 1st of January, therefore it is that Hatsuyume, or first dream new year falls on January 2 according to the Gregorian calendar.

It is believed that good omens in this night are: Mount Fuji, the Eagle and the eggplant. There are many theories trying to explain why these and not other symbols predict happiness and success. One of them says that Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and symbolizes health. The Eagle is a wise and powerful bird, that means progress, development, while the word for eggplant in Japanese sounds like the word ‘nasu’ , whose literal meaning is ‘to achieve something great.’

Dream interpretation is very important. There are cautionary, prophetic dreams, and dreams that repeat themselves. Special attention to the Japanese is ascribed to dreams about insects. On the basis of such dreams, extensive lexicons about their role as dreamy and ritual, because some of them may symbolize the miracle, disaster or success.

A very long time ago in Japan there was established a beautiful tradition of the pursuit of the dream chronicles. Today the Japanese lead dream books, because they do not want to miss anything of their mind, and each symbol has its meaning.

If you like to dream and you want to see what your dreams mean, or simply if you like to store the creations your imagination, then you might want to check out a proposal from Midori. Brand when designing a diary refers to the Japanese tradition of dreams. The cover bears the motif of owls, which, in turn, means happiness.

Traveler’s Notebook in travel around Poland!

Traveler’s Notebook is primarily about travel. What if Traveler’s Notebook wil travel around Poland?

Last year to celebrate the 10th birthday of the traveler’s Notebook we came up with the idea to fill one of the traveler’s notebook Notebook wishes and greetings from us fans and users of this notebook, and then give the team traveler’s Company in Japan. We already have a few entries, all beautiful and inspiring, and most importantly, show a part of each of us.

Because we want it to be the only one unique Traveler’s Notebook, we would like to invite you to a common, and at the same time have fun.


On the basis of well known game “pass it forward”. We will send the notebook to one person, who will do an entry and next this person pass is forward to another one. It is important that the notebook will be constantly on the move, and visit as many places in Poland as possible, but notice – we have only a month for making it happen.

Each of persons will have maximum 3 days for making an entry. Inside you can write a poem, sketch, pictures, literally everything what your imagination tells you and everything what you want to share with. There is a lot of space. We have all three refills for disposal: kraft paper, MD paper and sketching paper.

The Traveler’s will be packed in a box, which will be used for next shipping. Each of participants have to pay for the shipping and packaging. In this game, every participant will be given 20 pln for shopping in our e-shop.

A such made by you Notebook we will take to Japan where we will give it to Traveler’s Company team.

The surprises don’t stop there!

Apart from that we will together create only one, unique notebook, of all entries we will draw by lot entry, which will be awarded. This person will win a shopping voucher in Escribo in amount of 200 pln.

To start the fun we have to create a list of people who want to take part in it.

From today (18.05.2017) we accept the notification email address: alina@escribo.pl In this notification, you should put your first and last name, and address. Then, we will sent you back futher instructions.

Traveler’s Company fountain pen – the thing we all have been waiting for

In April Traveler’s Notebook definitely spoils us! We have to say here, quite immodestly, that we really like it

The Traveler’s Notebook Olive Edition, a notebook, a pen holder and a pen, came to us first. Joy was not over! But it was only a preview, because what we all dreamed about, what we dreamed of at night, we had to wait a little longer.

The Traveler’s Notebook pen prototype was seen during the meeting in December 2015 . It already made a huge impression on us. As Traveler’s lovers and users of fountain pens, it imagined our admiration! On the other hand, when we found out by the beginning of 2017 that in April it will be sold … our excitement reached a completely different level. Of course, we had to keep this in secret, which was not the easiest task, because everybody knows what happens when the sentence “just do not tell anyone” is heard, especially when it comes to women.

However, months of waiting paid off, and the pen itself fulfilled all our expectations.

Made entirely of brass, it is the perfect complement to the BRASS collection. As Traveler’s Notebook, the fountain pen gain the individual character over time. Easily converted into a compact “carry around” size and elongated for easy writing, BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN also boasts a depth in texture that solid brass acquires over time and use, complemented with a high-quality finish created by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The top of the pen has a ring for attaching a hook or string, so you can clip it to your bag as a key holder or customize it using beads and other items – let your imagination run free! The ring can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you prefer.

One thing that makes us curious is the nib. Traveler’s Company keeps in secret who is the producer.

We do know, that TRC fountain pen is an object of desire, and that not many of have it. We have to be patient, because TRC fountain pen will be sold in the autumn 2017.

The colourful world of brush pen

The fact that calligraphy is becoming more and more popular makes us pleased.

We also love the draw letters, play with different nibs and other instruments.

Last brush pens come to our hands.

Brush pens, also called fundepens, is an alternative to traditional brushes used for calligraphy. The brush was one of the first instruments for calligraphy in the East, however, had several disadvantages: spoonful and need ink. Also could not always take it with you. As that necessity is the mother of invention, wise came up with the combination of brush in the form of a marker pen. Generally speaking that what brush pen is.

There is various types of brush pens. The traditional one, which the brush is inside the berrel with a cap. Similar to fountain pen, brush pens are refilled with ink. In our offer traditional brush pens are these of Japan brand Craft Design Technology. they have been specially selected and blended to create optimum tip performance with animal hairs, which gives this brush pen the qualities of a proper calligraphy brush and allows for beautiful stroke stops, upward strokes, and brush sweeps.

In our shop you can find colour Akashiya Sai brush pens, available in four sets of colours which are inspired by seasons. They are just perfect for colouring! This is what makes the brush pens are unique is a very flexible tip made from a combination of bamboo fibers with animal hair, which is designed to mimic the brush. Another advantage of the brush pen is the ink resevoir placed inside. The water-based ink is perfect for painting. Using a brush and water, you can get the effect as when painting with watercolours.Depending on what paper we use, brush pens have different properties, for example, on the slippery paper we can easily mix colors together, and then paint them on the sheet. Since we are talking about the colors, the choiceis wide.

In our offer you can also find thin liners, which are brush pens with very thin brush ( 2 mm), with ink inspired by the colour of soild. You can write precise lines that bring elegance to your calligraphy and cards, and dynamic movement to your comic illustrations and other drawings. It is highly elastic, giving you precise control. The water-based pigment ink is fade-resistant and waterproof when dried, which is great for outlining watercolor works.

To sum up, brush pens have potential, which can be used in different ways depending on your imagination.

The fun is just beginning!