2018 Diaries Review – Ciak

Ciak diaries were with us from the very beginning. Every year we choose them as diaries “for work”, not only because the huge sentiment we have, but also because of the highest quality they have.

Ciak  diaries have the same design as already well known Ciak notebooks. They are made only from renewable materials and are hand made by the best master craftsmen in sunny Florence.

The cover, similarly as in case of notebooks, was made from man-made leather, is very durable and flexible. We know from our experience that covers are extremely resistant to damages.  It is not easy to find a diary, that for 365 days is carried in bag accompanied by keys (or even screwdrivers!) and despite this looks elegant in July! From that and many other reasons we caressingly call them “workhorses” ;).

Whereas the paper is acid free and with neutral or basic pH, thereby guaranteeing greater durability. It makes that the paper does not tear, folding and is environment friendly. It is perfect for fountain pen, ballpoint pen and pencils.

In Ciak offer we can find diaries in two sizes, four layouts and wide range of colours.

The first one is a daily diary, that contains of 416 pages, which includes pages with monthly planner and daily diary with printed dates, where one page is for one day. In that option two sizes are available: 15×21 cm and 12×17 cm. We can choose from seven cover colours: orange, yellow, red, pink, black, lime and the latest one – gray.

For those, who likes seeing plans for whole week in one place, we recommend Ciak weekly diary, which consists of 160 pages, where whole week is for two pages. As well as daily diary, weekly diary is available in two sizes 15×21 cm or 12×17 cm and in eight colours: orange, yellow, red, pink, black, lemon, grey and blue.

There is another option for weekly Ciak – diary + memo, which is a perfect solution for those who write only the most important things in a calendar, but do large notes in a notebook. This diary has 160 pages with weekly vertical diary on the one side, whereas on the other side a lined sheet for notes. In that case, we can choose only one size, which is 15×21 cm in seven different colours: orange, yellow, red, pink, black, lime and blue.

If you really do a lot of notes and struggle with yourself if you should pack a diary or a notebook to your bag, we have a perfect solution for you – Ciak Duo Diaty 2 in 1! Inside you will find 144 pages of diary in weekly horizontal layout, with two pages for one day, and 128 pages of lined notebook. Ciak Duo has bi-coloured cover and two satin bookmarks, just to have all important information at hand. Ciak Duo is available in two sizes: 15×21 cm or 12×17 cm in seven colour variation: black and red (Little Devil), brown and cream (Cappucino), yellow and green (Jamaica), pink and green (70’s), black and white (Essentials), blue and grey (Sky) and purple and pink (Madame).

Despite the size and layout, all Ciak diaries carry some risk – if you like Ciak one, you never replace it with any other diary. Our clients are the best example, they come back for their beloved diary every year, as well as we do.

To conclude, Ciak diary has:

  • Durable cover made of man-made leather
  • Neutral pH paper, with basis weight of 80g/m2
  • Four layouts and two sizes to choose
  • Cover with wide range of colours

You can find Ciak Daily Diary here, Ciak horizontal vertical diary here, Ciak weekly + memo diary here, Ciak Duo here.

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